Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here are some pictures from our Saturday:

I only had 4 kids to watch during this week's soccer game.  We have a schedule the kids like to adhere to: during the second quarter it's juice-box-and-fruit-snack time.  I cannot resist photographing them when they are in a pile like this.

It's a bad picture but there is Luke in the blue jersey playing goalie.

Milo watching his Daddy.  He was shouting, "DADA!!! (two second pause)  DADA??? (two second pause)  DADA!!! (two second pause) DADA???"

During the third quarter we go down to the game room.  Every week they half-heartedly ask (hoping this week's answer will be different), "Can we have some money for the machines?"  The answer is always 'No.' 

The fourth quarter we play around behind the bleachers.  Here is the face Levi makes when he is pretending to be something fierce.  Right now he's a dinosaur.  Seconds before they were all puppies.

After the game we met Joel, Kelly, and the kids for brunch.  On the way into the restaurant Ruby and Levi held hands.  Aren't they sweet?  They just walked along happily like this for some time.

Milo managed to kidnap Luke's drink for awhile.  He was NOT happy when we made him surrender it.  Luke wasn't all that happy with the chewed, slobbery, bent straw he was left with.

Ruby and Ben came up with some kind of game to play with Milo.  He thought it was awesome.


He played hard at the game and was pretty tired.  Not as tired as the girls, though, there were no female subs so Kelly and the others had to play the whole game. 

After rest time we went to Home Depot to return the scaffolding.  There was a large cement mixer parked out front and while Lucas took care of the rental details the boys and I studied it.  They were pretty impressed with how big the tires were.  If you are one of our loyal readers and for some reason have found yourself rendered an amnesiac, let me fill you in on something about my boys: they LOVE anything related to construction.  The bigger the better.

He swiped his brother's hat and was very proud to wear it.

You know, he was a really intense baby but has been mellowing.  I'm really enjoying this happy-go-lucky side that is emerging.

Hmmm, I guess he wanted to try  and look a little more hardcore?  You can take the boy out of the suburbs, but you can't take the suburbs out of the boy.

After Home Depot we ate at Chipotle.  When I fill up my drink there I always put lots of lemon slices in my coke and then eat them after my drink is finished.  On the car ride home, Levi saw me doing this and asked for one.  He's got my tolerance for tart tastes and ate most of his.  Well, if Levi gets something then Milo INSISTS that he have the same thing.

He doesn't care for the sour stuff so much.

"Why???  Why would you eat these things?  I don't understand you people."

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