Sunday, September 30, 2007

Growing Ziggy

Dear little Bun in my oven,

It’s now less than six weeks until your due date. Your Daddy and I are definitely counting down the days until you join us. We wonder when you will make your appearance…hmmmm…give me one kick for ‘Early’ and two kicks for ‘Late’.

The past several weeks have been especially busy with preparations for your arrival. There’s been a lot of planning and shopping and washing of little bitty clothes. Your Aunt Aundrea and Aunt Corrine along with your Gran threw you a lovely shower a couple of weeks ago. Aunt Liz, GG, and lot of other relatives drove from far away to come and celebrate. Your Nana even flew in from Rhode Island and your Great Grandma Gladys flew in from Florida to be there. They showered you with gifts of toys, clothes, baby equipment, and even a heated wipe warmer.

Your room is getting closer to being all ready for you. Its preparation has been a group effort. Your Grandpa did a great job at painting the walls and your Dad has assembled the crib. He also has hung up special pictures that your Gran painted for you. When Nana visited she got all of your clothes organized and bought you lots of other things for the nursery like baskets for toys and a shelf for above the changing table.

The pregnancy books I’ve been zealously reading say that here at the last part of the pregnancy you are growing rapidly and gaining up to an ounce a day. I believe it. Sometimes as I’m getting prepared to leave work in the evening I think, “This baby has got to be bigger than when I came here this morning.” An average baby at your gestational age is almost five pounds. You’re big enough now that you’ve reached my ribs. Last week you woke me in the middle of the night when you were strumming them with your feet. Actually, you are quite the little acrobat in the wee hours of the morning. Will this be your sleep habit after you are born?

I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet but your Momma works at a firm whose staff is mostly male. I’m the company’s first pregnant employee. As such, you and I are quite a novelty. They are all very nice and carry big rolls of drawings for me as I can no longer maneuver them around my belly. Last week I went out to a construction site to check on a problem. Your Daddy told me that I needed to get another hard hat to strap around my middle. The contractor and his crew all did a double take as I came onto the site. I guess they don’t see many eight month pregnant engineers waddling around out there.

I can’t wait to hold you. I can’t wait to see your Daddy hold you. I imagine that you will be his little sidekick. Already you wiggle around like crazy when you hear his voice. He has been talking about how much fun you two will have on camping and hiking trips. He has also been wondering how soon you can help him mow the lawn. We went to a child birth education class yesterday. We feel pretty ready for your birth. Well, we’re as ready as we can be. We have never been parents before but luckily you have never had parents before so maybe you won’t notice that we will be learning as we go. Luckily, your Momma and Daddy each had an amazing set of parents so you can rest assured that we learned from great examples.

With love,
Sleepless in Olathe