Sunday, June 30, 2013


We spent the weekend with family celebrating baby Charlie. Here are a few group shots. More from Charlie's party to follow.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flying High

I've flown many times on my own with the boys but our travels home last Monday left me wanting to say, "Never again!"

It wasn't the boys' fault.  Levi and Milo did wonderfully.  The problem was bad weather and it's subsequent bumpy, diversion-laden, looooooong night.

While we were stuck on the plane on the ground in Colombus, OH (an unexpected stop), I was waiting in a long line for the bathroom with the boys at the front of the airplane.  The pilot came out of the cockpit and noticed them.  Then he invited the boys up to sit in his seat and talk with him and the co-pilot.  Their beaming faces helped me to de-stress.  As both my camera and my phone were halfway back the aircraft at our seats, the flight attendant offered to take a few pictures and send them to me.

Just so you don't miss it: check out Milo's "Thumbs up"

We did make it home safe and sound and our luggage even managed to join us the next day.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More From our Trip

Mom and Dad gave us some gifts from their recent trip to London.
Milo calls this his "Yundun shirt"
Sweet baby.  I can't quite decipher the look on his face.  Perhaps he is wondering why I look familiar even though I'm a stranger.
Is there anything more cute than a newborn yawning?  A close second is that moment after a newborn sneezes when they look really confused as to what just happened.
"Ummm...you are not my Mommy but you look a little bit like her." (More pictures of Roebin here.  I can showcase bigger pictures on my other blog.)
Proud Great Grandpa.
Coloring during quiet time.
Fun with Nana at the beach.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


We've been having fun on our visit.

Watermelon consumed via straws.
Paper airplane flying with Papa at Lea and Ryan's house.
Bedtime stories with Nana.
LOTS of pool time.
Levi has logged so much time on his boogie board that he chapped his tummy.
Games with Great Grandpa.
Smoothies!  (or as Milo calls them Smoovies wif mango and gwapes!)
Quality cousin time.
"Baby Woebin"

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meeting Baby Roebin

The boys and I are in New England for the week visiting family.  The most important family member being the newest one: baby Roebin. We're staying at my parents but the boys and I drove into Boston yesterday. The boys were so proud to get to hold the baby.

Milo was just telling me at length how he was a big boy not a baby like baby Roebin.

We took Roebin on a walk to the park down the street from Lea and Ryan's house.  Instead of the playground equipment, Levi and Milo opted to watch a crew taking some trees down.
Roebin seemed unimpressed.  The noise from the wood chipper didn't seem to disturb his nap.
While the noise didn't bother him, he didn't like it when the stroller stopped moving.  After the crew was done the boys threw things into the water and I paced back and forth keeping Roebin in motion.
Levi proudly pushed the stroller a little ways.
He's such a sweet baby!  I'm very glad to be here.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Dear Lucas,

I wish there was a ‘Father of the Year’ contest I could nominate you for.  Under the ‘special skills’ section I could list all the instances of extreme patience and displays of amazing strength.  It would take reams of paper listing all the stories of your gigantic heart and listing all the hours of hard work you log.  When I show how you always put your family first and what a servant-leader you are, they’ll have no choice but to give you first prize.   I’m certain (since this is my imaginary scenario) they will let me introduce you at the awards banquet.  Of course, I’ll gush at how our boys get your attention, time, and affection and how you model for them how to be a great husband.  And then I’ll get choked up, because, well because it’s me, and I’ll sit down and marvel again at how blessed our boys are. 

This week Milo has been talking about how he will someday be “big like Daddy.”  Oh, when he says that, my heart just swells- and not just because he says ‘yike’ for ‘like’, though that is adorable.  No, I feel that because I can picture it and that peek into the future makes me so happy.  Yes, our boys will be big but I also think that they will dream big, smile big, and think big like Daddy.  I think they will love big- just like Daddy.


Friday, June 14, 2013


The boys spent quite a bit of time this week cutting paper with their scissors and my scrapbook paper slicer. Busy, busy, busy.

Anytime they've been practicing their cutting they also get to practice their sweeping. Or as Milo refers to it, "Weeping."

This gallery wall makes me very happy.

Look what Levi proudly hung right at my bedside.  It may look like a house but it's actually a missile. (This week Levi asked the librarian for books on the army so we came home with one on tanks and one on spy planes. Milo requested books about trucks and dirt bikes.)

Monday, June 10, 2013


Milo has recently gone through a big change. He's leaving the toddler phase behind and heading straight into preschool-hood.  He's thinned out and now his legs and arms seem so long. He's become so talkative and silly and has taken to lavishing lots of kisses and "I wuv you, Mommy"s onto me. 

Lucas gave the boys haircuts yesterday afternoon. The weather was so beautiful.

This is his go-to picture pose.
He was such a serious (and kind of frustrated baby) but now he's such a delightful (and sometimes almost jolly) three year old.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dance Party

Last Monday night we turned up some music and had a dance party. Somehow it turned into a push-up competition and then a prolonged high-fiving giving session and ended with the boys taking turns leaping off the couch.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Nephews Updates

This is such a special time for our families. Two new babies! As I mentioned before, my little sister gave birth to Roebin on 5/25 and Luke's youngest sister gave birth to Charlie on 5/29.

I can't help but share more pictures. I grabbed these from Marji's camera. Here's Charlie with some of the members of his fan club:
He's adorable and very much loved.
I think he looks like Chuck.

And here's Roebin.  These were sent from my sister. I can't wait to get out to Boston and hold this little guy! He's a busy one.  At only 6 days old, he started rolling onto his side. 
Nana and Papa loving on the baby.
Proud Daddy.
Beautiful Mama.