Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Week

It was a fun week here in Dicksonland. We got to see Jeremy who was stateside on some business. We were disappointed that he didn't smuggle at least one of the twins over in his carry-on luggage. We also got to spend time this weekend with Corrine who was up visiting from Arkansas with little Symphony. It was great to see her. Levi really enjoyed getting to play with his Auntie and had lots of smiles and drool for her.

Also, Joel, Kelly, and Ruby moved in with us this week as they finish up the house hunting/buying process. Ruby and Levi are having so much fun together. Here they are 'reading' together. Ruby got a book, handed one to Levi and said, "Let's read together, Buddy!" She promptly started to look at the pictures in her book and Levi started chewing on his.
Here are the Daddies and the kiddos hanging out on the front step.

Ruby was making Levi laugh while he was jumping in the jumperoo.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Dear Daddy,
A long time ago (when I was just a little baby), I found out about Father's Day and I've been waiting and waiting for it to come ever since because you are such a great Dad and you deserve a really special day.
I think it's great how you make everything so fun- like how you have different sound effects for almost every activity from washing me up in the bath to driving around my toy cars- even special sound effects for when I eat my supper. I love it when you sing to me and when we go shopping together(especially at Lowes). It's so much fun when we make faces at each other in the mirror and when you throw me up high in the air. Your arms never seem to get tired (like Mama's sometimes do).
One of my favorite times of day is first thing in the morning when you come to get me out of my crib. You always sing out, "Good morning, Levi!" and I'm always so excited to see you.
Thanks for how you take such good care of me and Mama. She says she hopes I grow up to be just like you. I do, too. I'm a really blessed boy to have you for my Daddy.

Fun with GG

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friday night

We visited Levi's Gran and Grandpa on Friday night. They made a very nice birthday dinner for me. Grandma Dickson and Grammie Feerer were both visiting as well so Levi got to see all of his great grandparents within one weeks time. We also got to spend time with Chuck and Aundrea.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Best Birthday Ever

Today Levi turns 7 months old and Amber turns 372 months old.
Recent milestones:
First tooth, sitting unassisted, can pass toy from one hand to the other (Levi)
Found a grey hair, purchased disability and life insurance (Amber)
Recent activities:
Jumperoo-ing, babbling, trying new foods, chewing on everything, being extra cute (Levi)
taking care of baby, engineering (Amber)
Next on the agenda:
crawling, pulling up, waving bye-bye, saying "Ma-ma" (Levi)
taking care of baby, engineering, maybe vacuuming sometime (Amber)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Trip to Florida

We had a good time on our long weekend in Florida. Grandma and Grandpa hosted us and we really enjoyed getting to spend time with them. Levi got to meet his Great Uncle Don, Great Aunt Renee, and cousins Andrea, Briana, Christina, and Diana. We took quite a few pictures. You can see more at our Shutterfly link.