Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Melting My Heart

My boys! Poor Levi suffered a wipeout and got a really nice rug burn on his nose. Still, the injury can't take away how proud he is to get to hold the baby. When Milo cries Levi often says, "I think he wants to see me."

Welcome Alison!

It's been a happy day! Aundrea gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Alison Elise this morning. She was 7# 11oz and 21.5 inches long. We were so happy to get to meet our newest niece. Levi prayed for 'Baby Awison' several times today and was excited to go see her. Once we got to the hospital, however, he was mostly interested in helping Aundrea eat her snacks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One of My Favorite Times of Day

Getting ready for bed- reading books, singing some songs, and family prayer.

Milo at 6 weeks old

"What's that, Mama? You want some cute pictures of me? I don't know if I'm in the mood for a photo shoot..." "I think I'll just pump my fists and do my wiggles for awhile."

"Karate Chop!"

"You're going to try an aerial view? Too bad, I think I might be done with pictures. You should just pick me up now."

"Grunt, grunt. Mama, I'm serious. Put down the camera. Pick up the baby."

"Now look what you've done! I've gone 'Tomato Head' on you!"

"I warned you, now I will be forced to wake the neighbors! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!"

Corrine's Visit

Corrine has been staying with Aundrea and Chuck this past week in the hopes of helping with baby Alison's arrival. Aundrea was due last Sunday but, alas, the baby is still snug and warm on the inside. Still, it was great to visit with Corrine and she got to meet Milo for the first time.

Levi also very much enjoyed the time with family.

The whole crew.

Milo complaining to his Great Grandma.

Milo has more to tell. Check out the amazing profile of my beautiful sister-in-law in the background. Come on out Alison!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Milo- 5 Weeks old- Subtitiled: Sheesh, it's hard to photograph a floppy, grumpy newborn

Milo is growing and I am particulary pleased with the little rolls that have recently been added to his cute little thighs.
squinting at this camera...

trying to throw himself sideways...

displeased (with a karate chop)...

Displeased again...

Tricia Comes to Visit

We had such a fun weekend. Tricia left all of her kids (for the first time) so she could come take care of us instead. Levi had a ball and Milo got an abundance of cuddling time with her. On Saturday she took Levi to Antioch park.

She made bathtub paint for him. After painting the tub and his belly, his armpits were the next logical canvas.
On Saturday morning Luke took Levi to an event at Shawnee Mission Park where kids could climb on and 'drive' all kinds of construction, farm, and emergency vehicles. This is directly up Levi's alley.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Weekend at Mom and Dad Dicksons

We spent a nice weekend with Mom and Dad Dickson celebrating Easter. Grandma Dickson, Aundrea, Chuck, and Flurry were there for the festivites as well. Levi enjoyed decorating and dyeing Easter eggs. I wonder if he remembered last year?

Levi is about to gently apply the egg stickers. The kid has finesse, that's for sure.

Chuck took his egg decorating seriously. Flurry wished she could join in.

Here is Milo ready to go to church. He is expressing his great displeasure at being buckled in.

Here is Levi shifting his weight and working at balancing on the ledge.

"No more pictures!"

Finally asleep.

Levi really enjoyed hunting for eggs. The weather was beautiful.

The Easter bunny (Gran and Grandpa) filled Levi's eggs with goldfish crackers. He sat himself down in a particular part of their lawn and dug right into his snack.

Looking forward to little Alison's arrival!