Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Can Just Imagine Them Doing Side by Side Triple Lutzs

We all went out for frozen yogurt tonight.  The following conversation happened in the car on the way there:

Levi: Mama, when is it going to snow?

Me: I don't know, Levi. This winter has been very warm.

Levi: When it snows I can use my sled!

Me: Yes!

Levi: Nana and Papa have lots and lots of hills at their house.

Me: Oh really?

Levi: Yes, and when it snows there you can sled on them.

Me: That would be fun.

Levi: Yes!  Also, when it gets cold all the water in their pool gets hard and then Nana and Papa go ice skating on it!

Soapy Mohawks

We need to get the bathtub faucet fixed PRONTO. The boys have both grown so much in the past 6 months, it's getting ridiculous to bathe them in the sink.

Friday, February 24, 2012

No Wind, No Problem

While exploring in a closet, Levi found a kite I had purchased.  He was pretty excited by the prospect of flying it.  Wednesday morning, after I told him we were going to the park, he grabbed the kite.

I explained that it wasn't windy at all outside and we might just play in the sand and on the slides.  He seemed to understand but still tightly held the kite and on the way to the park mentioned how fun it would be when he got to fly it.  I explained again that there was no wind.  This happened again and then again.  I was kind of confused.  He seemed to understand me when I explained about the wind but it did not deter him.  He was confident that he would fly the kite.

It wasn't until he said, "Sometimes the wind just needs to take a break" did I remember this story from his Highlights magazine from MONTHS ago:

It was incredibly still outside but he was so earnest and sweet about the kite that I took him out to the field and opened it up.  I expected that with no wind he would lose interest and we would move on.

What I did not count on was his little legs going fast enough to launch the kite.  He ran at top speed for the better part of 45 minutes, the whole time absolutely filled with glee at the sight of his kite soaring and swooping. 

He ran and ran and ran.  After a little while the kite would come down or Levi would take a tumble (This was inevitable.  After all, his eyes were glued to the kite the whole time and he was running at top speed).  At first he would bring the kite to me so I could throw it up in the air.  After awhile, he was able to get it launched by himself.

Levi was smiling from ear to ear.  I was laughing, clapping, and cheering him on. Milo stood seriously, observing. 

It was such a special morning for me- few things are more amazing than seeing your child experience something for the first time that fills them with such excitement and joy and complete enthusiasm.  I know it was 'just' kite flying but you'll have to trust me on this: it was magical.

He was so muddy by the end.

After a long time I told him we had to let Milo have some time on the play equipment.  Levi proudly carried his kite and showed it to the other kids.  He did not want to go down the slides or climb around, instead choosing to sit with the kite at the table.

After awhile Levi convinced us both to go back to the field for more quality kite time. 

This time, Milo rifled through my purse and found some extra snacks.  He helped himself.

"It looks like we might be here for awhile, better settle in." munchmunchmunch.  "That looks exhausting."

I'm so blessed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Girls Weekend

I just got back from having SO MUCH FUN. This past weekend I flew to Indy to meet up with some dear friends.  We all lived together during my freshman year at Olivet. I met Cyndi, Becca, and Deb at Olivet but have known Amy and Katrina since high school and of course there's Tricia, my bf, who I've known since even before I was a braces-clad junior higher. These are some quality ladies. It was so wonderful to spend time with them. We all enjoyed each other's company and a break from the demands of real life. I only had myself to take care of for three entire days.  You know what else was enjoyable?  When we were upgraded to the penthouse suites.  Fancy!

To sum things up: We laughed.  We cried.  We played Dutch Blitz.

I got to see Tricia's kiddos before we left for the hotel.  Jake is getting so big!

Not really a normal smile from Tricia but it was the best I got.

We took an art class together where we were led through making our own painting.  It was so fun.

Look at me, I made a tree!

This picture makes me laugh.  Don't we look like a kindergarten class who is REALLY proud of their art projects?
Having SO MUCH FUN also involved little sleep. I can hardly keep my eyes open at the moment and am getting ready to crash. I was so happy to come home to Luke and the boys. They had a good weekend and spent some time at his parents house. Luke also got a ton done around the house.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Boys in the Bed

The boys continue to cuddle up and read books together before bed. My heart is so full.

p.s. Great Grandma and Grandpa Corzine have sent the boys a High-Five subscription for the past few years.  They both really, really enjoy getting them.

Big Boy Bed, Round 2

Milo transitioned out of the crib this week!  I snuck in the first night and took this picture.  I did the same thing when Levi slept in his bed for the first time.

 I wrote a little about it here.  He's been quite adorable about the whole thing.  He's been doing a great job staying put.  It's been a lot easier than when Levi moved to a bed from a crib.  The fact that Milo shares a room with Levi has been helpful.  Levi doesn't get out of the bed so Milo won't either. 

Yesterday during nap time I did find him on the floor playing with some toys.  I told him again that when he was in his big bed he had to stay there.  Then I put him in his crib for the remainder of nap.  He was very sad about that and today stayed right where I put him. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

My three wonderful valentines gave me several special treats throughout the day and that evening we went out for a low-key dinner all together. After the boys went to bed, Luke and I snuggled up with some chocolate and watched a funny movie together.

Do you see that empty container of guacamole?  It's fun to watch him grow into taste buds that are similar to mine.  But this, this makes me a little sad because now I have to share.  I used to get the guacamole all to myself.

Levi took this picture.  As he was setting up the shot I said, "Watch out, don't get your fingers on the lense- it'll get all smeared!"  I was a bit too late with that advice. 

He's so cute sometimes that it makes me squeal.

After dinner we stopped in at Trader Joe's mostly because I wanted to pick up their dark chocolate and caramel with sea salt candy bar.  Thanks, Kelly, for getting me hooked on those things.

Earlier in the week I was there with the boys and I let Miles have his own cart for the first time.  I spent our entire time in the store laughing while trying to keep him from running into fellow shoppers.  It was one of the most amusing things I have ever seen.  He would just put his head down and drive that cart as fast as he could until he ran into an obstacle then he'd course correct and push it forward again with mounting passion and purpose.

They had to take turns putting items in their carts.  Last week somehow one of them snuck in some gluten-free french rolls.  I didn't even notice while we were checking out because I was quite busy convincing Milo that we were done pushing the cart around.  Luke tried one of the rolls and couldn't even finish it.  Not so tasty. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Eye Doctor

We had a family outing to the eye doctor this evening. Levi had his first exam and proclaimed, "I love going to the eye doctor!" . He took things very seriously and followed all the doctor's directions exactly. He seemed so grown up.  When he was unable to make out one of the symbols on the eye chart he would charmingly say, "uhhhh, that one's a little too tricky."  His eyes are fine and he did not need glasses but our insurance covers a pair every year so we got him some frames for sports. Milo was very disappointed that he did not get an eye exam but he did have fun trying on glasses.

Levi was interested in all the equipment in the office.

Doctor, what can you do to help us with these crazy red eyes??

Whenever he was wearing glasses he set his mouth like this.

Levi was  spinning around in the swivel chair.

Our eye doctor's office is in the mall so we got to have a couple of rides on the escalator.  He was proud to carry out his bag with the glasses in it like a big boy.

This is not an action shot.  Milo held this position the whole way up.

First Snow of the Season

We finally got some snow last night. It's been a warm winter so far and ever since the boys got sleds weeks ago, Levi has been looking every day for snow. He was very excited to wake up to a snow-covered yard.
I hurriedly got them dressed to go out and play for a little bit before we left for MOPS.  We could not find Milo's mittens so he ended up wearing socks on his hands. 

The expressions on their faces are priceless.  About two seconds after I got this picture, Levi enthusiastically gave Milo a push down the small hill in our back yard.  He was not pleased to find himself face down in the snow and was more than happy to retreat to the warm, dry indoors.

The snow did not impress Milo.  He was content just to watch Levi.

After we got back from our MOPS group, Levi headed outside again.  I set Milo up with dry beans to play with.

Here's Levi at noon in his second coat, hat, scarf, and shoes of the day.  He's on his third pair of pants in this picture.

As predicted, our little hill was the perfect incline for him.  He had SO much fun out there.

I promised him that he could go out later for some more sledding.  It looks to get warmer as the week goes on.  This might be our only snow this year.

This was the first time this season I pulled out my eskimo boots.