Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Past Few Days

The weather has been amazing.  We've enjoyed lots of outdoor time this week.
He got himself up in here all on his own and he was quite proud of that accomplishment, let me tell you.

It was a beautiful day, I had a new magazine and a cup of coffee and the boys were playing so nicely in the sandbox.  I took a picture to document such a lovely moment.  Those blissful eight minutes, they were amazing. 

Somebody is getting brave enough to go down the slides!

From the other room I heard Levi hollering, "TAKE OUR PICTURE!  LOOK AT US!  TAKE OUR PICTURE.  COME TAKE OUR PICTURE!"  He just kept yelling like that because he had his ear protection on and couldn't hear me saying, "Ok, I'm coming, Sweetie!  I said I'm coming! Yes, give me a sec.  OK, STOP YELLING I'M GETTING THE CAMERA I'M COMING!!!"

Lately Milo has become quite intrigued with sleeping in the bed.  We've been letting them climb into Levi's together while we sing songs and pray before putting him in his crib.  I cannot get over how cute they are all cuddled up together.

Yes, it was still cute the next night.  I'm warning you, there are going to be more pictures like this posted. 

reading, with their pillow pets, in cuddly pjs!

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