Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Girls Weekend

I just got back from having SO MUCH FUN. This past weekend I flew to Indy to meet up with some dear friends.  We all lived together during my freshman year at Olivet. I met Cyndi, Becca, and Deb at Olivet but have known Amy and Katrina since high school and of course there's Tricia, my bf, who I've known since even before I was a braces-clad junior higher. These are some quality ladies. It was so wonderful to spend time with them. We all enjoyed each other's company and a break from the demands of real life. I only had myself to take care of for three entire days.  You know what else was enjoyable?  When we were upgraded to the penthouse suites.  Fancy!

To sum things up: We laughed.  We cried.  We played Dutch Blitz.

I got to see Tricia's kiddos before we left for the hotel.  Jake is getting so big!

Not really a normal smile from Tricia but it was the best I got.

We took an art class together where we were led through making our own painting.  It was so fun.

Look at me, I made a tree!

This picture makes me laugh.  Don't we look like a kindergarten class who is REALLY proud of their art projects?
Having SO MUCH FUN also involved little sleep. I can hardly keep my eyes open at the moment and am getting ready to crash. I was so happy to come home to Luke and the boys. They had a good weekend and spent some time at his parents house. Luke also got a ton done around the house.

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