Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating on our cul-de-sac this evening.  The neighbors were generous with their candy and compliments.  The boys ate it all up (literally and figuratively respectively),

Just your typical monkey and spiderman duo. Thanks, Nana, for the costumes.

He was adorable and the costume was soooo cuddly.  I couldn't help giving him lots of squeezes.

When the door opened, Levi cheerfully said, "Trick-or-treat!"  Milo looked serious and grunted.

This was Milo's first experience with Halloween and while I think he was a bit confused as to what was happening, he took to receiving candy very quickly.  He didn't really want to put it in his basket instead preferring to carry it in his hands.
Halloween 2010
Halloween 2009
Halloween 2008

Nana and Papa Visit!

Nana and Papa came for a visit from Rhode Island.  We had so much fun with them.  They came to the soccer game on Saturday and Nana brought lots of quarters with her.  The kids were pretty excited to play the games and get prizes out of the machines.

Levi took this snow mobile ride very seriously.  He definitely likes the thrill of speed.

Ruby showing off her rings and bracelet she got out of the prize machine.

Levi took this picture of Nana and Papa.

"Yay!  It's time to eat!"

Milo enjoyed time with Nana.

Papa supervised the juiceboxing and fruit snacking.

Papa gave them some billiards lessons.

I included this picture as it's the only time I've seen my Mom holding a pool cue.

The other kids quickly lost interest in pool but Ben thought it was pretty cool.  He stuck with it.

What a good team!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Levi 'Reads'

Dad put this video together of Levi 'reading'.  He has portions of his books memorized.  It's so much fun watching him develop a deeper enjoyment of reading.  He's such a little sponge, soaking up all the words.

Last Trip to the Farm Park

The 'Farm Park' will be closing for winter tomorrow.  Here are a few pictures from our last visit there of the season.

We'll see you next spring, tractors!

"Hmmm.  Traffic is kind of heavy but there don't seem to be any commuters."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Saturday

More soccer gaming.  The Hawks had a double header last Saturday.  Now that is some exercise, I tell ya.

Can't you just feel the longing in his soul?  "If only I could go out there!"

This gesture means, "Give me the camera."

Sweet niece Ruby loving on Milo.

This may look like a pile of cute kids but it is actually a menagerie of two dogs, a kitten, and a dinosaur.

Second quarter snack time which I cannot resist photographing. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin pie

Marji shot this video during our family get-together at Sheralyn and Nathan's house on Saturday.  The footage is dark but the smile on Milo's face after tasting the pumpkin pie makes it worth the watch.  The other best part?  The last part where Levi quietly shoves half of the slice into his mouth.  We love pumpkin pie around these parts.

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's in His Genes

Milo was quite interested in this two page advertisement full of tools.  He got right up next to Luke and gestured quite emphatically at different pictures, grunting and pointing.  He's only 19 months old!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Marji sent me a clip of Levi working on her front landscaping.  Anyone need some shoveling done?  Maybe Levi wants to start earning his keep.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kiki

We offered to watch the kids so Joel could take Kelly out for dinner for her birthday.  The kids were bouncy, noisy, and cute.  They played with the riding toys in the great room after supper and when things got a bit too crazy we put their pjs on them and watched 'Dora'. 

miniature seating for six.

cuddly cousins.  Milo didn't stay here too long.  He was back down playing before Dora summoned The Map.


The soccer game was very early on Saturday so I watched the kids at Joel and Kelly's house.  Milo was feeling the early wake-up.

After lunch I took the kids to Gran and Grandpa's house for naptime.  Luke was working on the ceiling at our place and it was going to be noisy.  After the kids got up Levi was very excited to be able to help out.  They were clearing out lava rock from the front landscaping.

He worked very hard the whole time the men worked.

Milo was not interested in the manual labor.  He put his attention to snack time.

goldfish crackers!

Grandpa took the boys on a quick walk while Gran and I started supper.  We're so glad for their hospitality.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rolling Along

This morning, as usual, we spent some time outside.  The boys did their favorite activities: played with their construction toys, kicked the soccer ball around, and oh, what was the other thing... Oh yes, THE SCOOTER and the SKATEBOARD.  Their most FAVORITE things EVER.

Levi practiced and practiced in the grass...

...until he mastered his latest trick.


Milo did some serious scootering.  He's only smiling here because Levi was making silly noises behind me.  He is engulfed in his brother's 4T coat.  The weather took a cold turn and I realized a didn't have a winter coat for Milo yet.

He's helping me pump air into the tires of the jogging stroller. 

Hanging with Grandpa

When Levi saw his Gran and Grandpa on Saturday he proudly showed off his new shoes.  "Those are boats!" his Grandpa said, surprised at how big they were.  Levi shook his head.  "No, Grandpa!  They are 12s!"

Silly Grandpa.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bedtime Reading

Bedtime reading is usually a very active endeavor.  They boys like to wiggle around and try out all the possible seating arrangements.  Milo has been very tired lately at bedtime- he's in the middle of a growth spurt.  The other night he actually laid back on the pillow and quitely listened to the book.  It was so shocking (and cute) I took pictures.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scooter, Repeat

Take a look at who figured out how to ride the scooter!  He takes it pretty seriously, too.  Luckily Levi is obsessed with the skateboard lately so he is willing to share. 

On Monday Milo climbed on the scooter for the first time and spent lots of time just standing on it, not going anywhere.  On Tuesday he was doing some tentative steps.  On Wednesday he was getting brave enough that we went out and got him a helmet.  Today he was scootering around the driveway and coasting down its slight incline. 

I'm not sure if it's his determined facial expressions or the helmet or how he doesn't really know how to steer or the fact that the handles are at shoulder level but I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH TO YOU HOW CUTE HE IS ON THIS THING!!!! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Just now as I was getting Levi ready for rest time he asked to hear stories about when he was a baby.  He's been interested in this subject lately and listens intently about how he had to wear little bitty clothes and sit in the baby carseat.  He likes to point out all the things he could not do as a baby: eat food, talk, ride a scooter.  He thinks it's HILARIOUS when I tell him we had to change his stinky diapers.

Just now, I was telling him how we used to wrap him up tight in a swaddle and would call him 'Baby Burrito'  He loved hearing that and requested that I swaddle him for rest time.  We both were giggling really hard while I did it.  Have you ever swaddled a giant almost-4-year-old?  Trust me, it's funny.

He's so long I cut his feet off in the picture.

Here's Levi just a few days old in his triple swaddle.
Levi rarely falls asleep in the afternoon anymore.  While Milo naps in the bedroom I let Levi play for awhile in the play room then have about an hour of quiet time on the futon.  As I was uploading these pictures to post I noticed the playroom was uncharacteristically silent.  I went to peek in on Levi and found a very large Burrito Baby still swaddled and fast asleep!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Park Outing

The weather has been beautiful this week.  The boys and I enjoyed a morning at Antioch park.

He spotted someone fishing.

This boy LOVES to ride his scooter.

a Milo sized town

Levi pretending to be a bulldozer.  He pushed the mulch a good 15 feet at least.  He was absolutely filthy by the time we got home for lunch.

"Haughmmf...exiting this tube is a little more tricky than I though it would be."

He spent several minutes trying to climb this tree.  It was adorable.  You gotta love that kind of 'can-do' attitude!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Morning Outing

Milo at the Farm Park.  It was a perfect morning to be outside.

He had definitely hit a growth spurt lately.  He looks so much older to me lately.  Levi is in the background of this picture working diligently.

Feeding the fish. 

Levi remarked, "These fish are bigger than Grandpa's!"  I have to agree.  Grandpa has normal sized gold fish in his pond.  These creep me out.  Check out the mouths.

Levi wanted to take pictures.

A helicopter captured both of their attention.

My sleepy, sweet faced boy.