Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Aunt Kaffy" Visits!

We were all very happy to have Aunt Kathy here visiting for the week.

Milo gots tons of kisses and hugs from her. She walked him around inside and outside when he was being a fussy baby. See the nice shirt she's wearing? Not too long after I snapped this picture she had to go change it because Milo spit up generously all over it.

This picture is pretty blurry but I posted it because it made me laugh.

Aunt Kathy played tons of games with the kids and lots of pretending.

Play-doh last Friday night. Aunt Kathy, Kelly, and I got to go out just us girls. Fun!

Aunt Kathy took us all out for breakfast last Saturday. Milo was sad he was not allowed to eat the peach crepes but got to sit with Aunt Kathy and cheered up quickly.

Cousin Dance Party

Tonight we had dinner at Joel and Kelly's as a send-off for Aunt Kathy. After dessert the kids had a dance party. Here they are groovin' to 'Tutti Frutti'. Levi is working his signiture dance move. Down on his hands and one leg, the other leg kicking around in the air.
Ben really gets into his dancing. He was going to town.

Ruby shows lots of imagination with her dancing and likes to come up with extra spunky moves.

My favorite shot. They're all doing 'The Levi"!

Cards at Gran and Grandpa's House

Sunday before last we visited with Mom and Dad Dickson. After church we played '5 Crowns' with them and Grandma Dickson. Milo thought we should be playing 'Grab the Cards and Gnaw on Them'. He got passed around a lot since it was pretty difficult to hold him and keep the cards out of his reach.
"Hmmm, we have a good hand, Grandpa!"

"Playing cards is fun!"

"I think I have the hang of this, deal me in next round."

Friday, August 20, 2010

Milo's Noggin

We took Miles for a follow-up appointment with the specialist today to check in on how the flat spot on his head was doing. Thankfully there has been improvement. The doctor is not recommending a helmet at this point. We are to keep doing what we are doing and bring him back to be checked again in 8 weeks. We also found out that he now weighs 19 pounds!

Levi Keeps Busy

Levi found a real nail today (not just one of the play nails from his toolkit) and I intervened just as he had started to pound it into the wall. He was greatly disappointed but perked up when I gave him an alternative. He spent I don't know how long today pounding 4-inch nails into this cardboard diaper box. The cardboard gave just the right amount of resistance to the nail. He had a ball. After he had pounded in the 5 nails I gave him he would pull them out and start over.

By the end of the day each side of the box was covered in dozens of holes. He takes his play seriously.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Miles Milestone

Milo had his first taste of solids this evening. At times he looked concerned, which is typical, but he seemed to enjoy the experience overall.

He was quite keen to grab onto the spoon.

We took a break in the middle of the feeding for a laugh break. Levi started jumping up and down and Milo thought that was hilarious. He started having big belly laughs which cracked the rest of us up.

He got the hang of things quickly and ate the entire contents of the little bowl I had prepared for him. Success!

Family Reunion '10

Last weekend we headed out to the annual Dickson family reunion. It was a great time visiting with family- some members we get to see often and some that we only get to see once a year. I would have posted pictures sooner but right before we left to come home I was attacked by some kind of bug or food poisoning. It really struck hard and today I'm finally feeling back to normal.

Here is Grandma posing with her newest great grandchild, Alison. Alison was very attentive for her first bridge lesson.

Milo looks concerned but really did enjoy special time with his Auntie and Cousin.

Jerome, Kayla, and Leo.

Uncles Therin and Gary in some Bridge shenanigans.

The second cousins had so much fun together. Levi was thrilled to be able to climb up on the top bunk. Maybe next year he'll be allowed to sleep up there.

"Mama, who ARE all these people?"

Something else new for Levi: CANDYLAND!

We had the pool all to ourselves for two different sessions.

Some of my favorite people:

Aunt Diane brought several fun crafts for the kids to do. Here Levi is carefully making a suncatcher with some help from his Daddy.

How cute is she??

My boys getting ready to go out for some swimming.

Milo was again a bit guarded about his time in the water. Here's Levi in the same hat in the same pool.

"Wow, it's bright out here!"

We always look forward to this weekend. It's a little hard to believe but this was my 6th reunion. Here's the post from last year, and from 2008, and from 2007.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ruby's Birthday

Today was a very special day. Ruby turned 4 years old! We were invited to her princess party. Here she is in her first outfit of the evening. She's holding one of her special balloons and the card that Nana and Papa sent her addressed to Princess Ruby. She spent the morning memorizing the poem inside.

Everyone got crowns to wear. Remind me to put 'crown maker' on my resume.

Our visit to their house started the same way it has for the past 5 months. The kids wash their hands and then clamor to hold Baby Milo.

Apparently one of Ben's favorite games lately is to pretend to be "Baby Miwo".

Here is Prince Levi and Prince Ben. Kelly and I were the fairy godmothers of the evening. We donned formal gowns (thanks to past stints as bridesmaids), as well as jewelry and magic wands. Unfortunately I didn't get any flattering shots so you won't find a photographic record here.

It's hard to believe these crazy kids have a four year old.

The amazing castle cake that Kelly made. The kids were VERY excited about tearing into this. Note Ruby's costume change.

One of Ruby's presents: her very own keyboard that gets to stay in her room.

Third costume change. She's modeling the new pjs she received.

We love you Ruby!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Quick Post

This baby loves his bath. Nothing can stop these chubby legs from go-go-going.

His favorite phrase: "Look at me, Mama!", his second favorite phrase: "Why not?"

Sweaty, humid, blazing- it's summertime in Kansas.

Monday, August 02, 2010


Levi and Milo certainly have different looks but sometimes Milo will pull out one of his many, many expressions and it reminds me so much of Levi at the same age.

Levi in April 2008:
Milo, today: