Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Levi climbed up in the kitchen chair himself. As you can see, he was very proud of his accomplishment!
We spent some time with Ruby and Ben this morning. Here they are all ready for lunch.

Giving each other five.

Ben has started eating baby cereal.

So cute! He's two seconds from me covering him with kisses.
Here he's trying to get his ball that rolled under the stand.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Weekend- Levi Narrates

"My dad's knee pads were out and I just HAD to have Mama put them on me."

"They are vey tricky to walk in. Mama seemed to think I looked more ready for a hockey game than helping with a floor tiling project, but I disagree."

Saturday we went to Gymboree. I always play hard here.

"My parents like to watch me have so much fun and also the fact that I nap really long after my class."

In this picture Daddy is trying to get me to sit down. I thought it was much more fun to walk/skid/trip down the slide.

"We got to the library a few minutes before it was open. I got to sit up front while we waited and play with all the car's buttons. I really liked opening the window."

"Mama had just realized things were a bit too quiet and she found me organizing the dvds."

"I am fascinated with the water sprayer and complain loudly if anyone is using it without my help"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Always Experimenting

Behold the toddler scientist. He repeatedly tests the physical world- most of his research lately has focused on gravity. He's quite interested in what happens when you push something off of the table, off the couch, off the stairs, off the high chair. Much to his mother's chagrin, though, he is oblivious to gravity's effect on his person. You should see the curious look he gave me as I came charging excitedly over to him just as he was about to dive face-first off the couch.

The toddler scientist also studies the interpersonal world. Here is a transcript of what I can only assume was his inner dialogue for part of yesterday afternoon:

"Hmmm, what happens when I do THIS?"
"An unpleasant reaction, duly noted. THIS must be unacceptable"
"I better check to see if THIS is still unacceptable"
"Hmm, What does Mama do if I do THIS again?"
"Yep, still unacceptable."
"Hmmm, what does Mama do if I do THIS another time?"
"And another time??"
"And again?"
"And again?"
"And another time?"
"Interesting, would ya look at how her eyes are bugging out of her head..."
"Yep, still unacceptable"
"I'm bored with THIS, I think I'll go climb up on the couch..."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We didn't get Levi's Valentine's cards sent out this year but wanted to share some pictures from his photo shoot. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us! He sure has grown a lot.

V-Day Cookies

Yesterday we made and decorated valentine's day cookies with Kelly and Ruby. Ruby really was enthralled by the whole process and did a great job. Levi's attention span in the matter was much, much shorter- as was expected. He did like the eating of the cookies. Check out his apron!


Levi and Ben are already showing a lot of fondness for each other. They are going to be great buddies.


Levi has been very interested in the suitcases lately. After they were unpacked from our weekend away he spent quite a bit of time and effort moving them around. Here are some photos documenting his feats of strength. This is great training. I'll sure appreciate his new skills the next time we travel.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Warm Weather

Providence Weekend

We got to spend a long weekend in Providence. It felt so good to soak up time with Mom, Dad, and Lea. Levi loved being at Papa and Nana's house and wowed them all with his new tricks. It was so much fun to watch him enjoyhimself. Mom and Dad spoiled us all with many treats.

Here's Levi on the airplane during our flight on Thursday night. He was really good and was asleep for most of our time in the air. Before that though, he made friends with the passengers sitting near-by and also kept trying to lick the seats! We put his pacifier in his mouth right away after that.

"Mama! Did you know that Nana and Papa keep toys in here??"

Levi got a tool box and tools. Now he's ready to help his Daddy fix up the house.

Nana and Auntie Lea took Levi to Gymboree on Saturday.

Lunch at the airport before we left on Sunday:

Yay- kisses!

Napping on our way to Baltimore.

Levi loves using a straw.
This kid is so cute.