Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring has Sprung...At Least Temporarily

We got to have some fun with Ben yesterday morning. He's such a great kiddo.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday Party

Our niece, Alison, turned the big '3' this weekend. The boys were SO excited to go to her party.

Thanks for the games and party favors and cake!!

Our Week

We dealt with sickness this week, unfortunately. Both boys and I came down with a strep infection. Thankfully, everyone is responding to the antibiotics. We tried to get extra rest and there was extra dvd time:

Levi helped me out with the grocery list.

The weather finally turned sunny mid-week.

The boys enjoyed being outside.  We've had lots of rain and unseasonably cool weather.

Levi talked me in to riding his scooter.  There are no pictures of that little adventure.

Some fun time with Daddy (and Babar) on Saturday. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Double Cute

Here are my cuties. Aren't they adorable in their new shirts from Nana and Papa? I sure was glad to see these faces today. They spent a very fun weekend with Gran and Grandpa while Lucas and I went to a marriage conference.  We had a really great time together.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Random Morning

This was a particularly good blanket fort.

He used his giant D ring to loop through the afghan and secure it to the trampoline. I love finding little details like that.

Piano playing

Puzzle doing

Sunday, April 07, 2013

No Training Wheels

Last Saturday in the car, Levi was talking about how much he wanted to be able to ride a motor-bike. Lucas remarked that he would need to learn to ride his two wheeler first.  Apparently that was all the motivation Levi needed.  As soon as they got home he pulled out his bike and told everyone he was going to learn to ride it.  By Tuesday he was pedaling around our cul-de-sac with ease.  I was so proud of his determination and enjoyed the big smile on his face as he rides.   Now he can navigate the curb on our drive-way and mostly can steer around his brother.

Yesterday Lucas used the blower to clear out all the leaves that had accumulated throughout the winter around our house. A lot of the trees in our neighborhood shed leaves long after fall is over. Instead of jumping in the leaf pile, Levi rode through it.

Friday, April 05, 2013

More Easter

Here's the last batch of pictures I took on Easter at Lynn and Marji's. It was so nice of them to host. Thanks for a lovely day!

(I was just looking back over the pictures from past Easters.  These kiddos, they're growing!)

Mia taking some steps.

Levi and Lucas each putting on one of her sandals.

Egg hunting!

The boys helped hide their parents' eggs and were so excited about it.

More Easter at Gran and Grandpa's

Here are more pictures from Easter that we took while at Marji and Lynn's.

Alison loves to Mia lots of enthusiastic hugs.  Most of the time Mia is ok with this.  She makes it know when she is not. 

Gran and Grandpa had baskets for everyone!

They had supplies to dye eggs, too.

Also, if anybody wants to come over for egg-salad sandwiches some night soon, just let me know.

This was so cute. She wouldn't release the egg, preferring to hold it in the dye.

The boys enjoyed using the egg tongs they got in their baskets.

We got to video chat with Corrine and Kosse.  It was the next best thing to having her there.

Done yet?