Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He's Got the Whole World In His Hands

The Dickson household is celebrating joyfully with our friends, John and Kim. They have just been granted parental custody by the Ethiopian courts of two beautiful boys. If you have a minute I suggest you read some of their story here: Chatter Box: Old News

We're so happy for you!

Here's a picture of brand-new mom, Kim (flanked by Heather and Gwen with baby Daria) at her baby shower that was held over the weekend.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Here I am posing with my 21-week pregnant belly and a pumpkin which is the approximate size of the baby. We're so thankful for this pregnancy and are very excited to meet our little guy.

(Bigger than 12 weeks, for sure)

Weekend Update

Here's our little boy modeling a hand bandage accesorized with a sticker. He burned his hand on Sunday and gave us a little scare. The doctor said it was not serious and to just keep antibiotic ointment on it. At first it hurt him quite a bit but he bounced back quickly.

He takes his drawing seriously.

We visited Lynn and Marji's place to watch the K-State game. Sadly, despite Levi and Luke's matching outfits, the team lost.

Here's Ben at the soccer game on Saturday enjoying his banana very much.

A pre-teen girls soccer team was warming up on the other side of the bleachers and these two were totally enthralled by their chatter and energy.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a boy!

We had a sonogram last week and found out that we are expecting a little boy! It was so exciting to get to take a peak at the little guy. Unlike Levi at this gestational age, this baby's head is of average size- his legs are extra long, though. They are in the 96th percentile. Any guesses as to when my boys will pass me up in height?

We're thrilled to know more about our littlest child and are so thankful that things appear to be progressing healthily.

Memory Lane

Lucas and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary last week. We went out to a fancy restaurant (thanks for the babysitting, Joel and Kelly!) and had a great evening reminicing and dreaming about the future. I just couldn't be more blessed by the mate God has so generously given me.


Nana and Papa, thanks for sending me the Bob the Builder dvds. You know just what I like. I want to watch them all the time.

"Bah Builder, Mama! Bah Builder, PLEEEASE??"


Last week we spent the afternoon in Leavenworth while the house was being shown. Levi's Grandpa came home to see him and took him to their backyard to kick the soccer ball around. Levi really enjoyed it and wanted to show off for the neighbor, Bob. Levi kept saying, "Bob! Watch this!" and then would give the soccer ball a big kick. We watched Ruby and Ben last week and then Levi spent the night with them. Can you tell that it's almost bedtime in this picture? Look at those sleepy eyes.

"I like that camera, Auntie..."
"Hmmmmmm, just act natural..."
Attack of the cute nephew!!

The two are really starting to play together. One would pick up a block and either use it or wordlessly pass it to the other for them to use. The one on the receiving end would grunt, grab it, and then lock it in.

Snack time. Benji is big enough now to sit with the other kids.

Here is Levi at home playing with his tools. He picked up his measuring tape and said, "Measure Daddy foot". Then he took his measurements and said, "Is inches...four"

Monday, November 09, 2009

Fall Is Here IV

Fall is here again. A lot has changed in a year but probably not as much as will change in the coming year!

Indian Summer

These two came up with a game to play together. The tricky part was getting the ball rolled back up the slide.

Levi is still working on his catching skills.

Gift Package

Levi received a birthday package in the mail last week from Nana and Papa. He was so cute pulling out all the presents: books, clothes, and toys.
He wanted to read the books right away. Thanks!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Birthday Party

We had a great time celebrating Levi's birthday today. The family came over to share dinner and cake and festivities. First we decorated small cakes shaped like cars with candies and frosting. As I baked these yesterday I had to hide them from Levi because he kept trying to take bites out of them. Levi's Gran helped him decorate his (after he first took a big bite out of the top of the cake). As you can see by the tongue positioning, he is concentrating quite hard to get things just right.

Joel and Kelly's cars paid close attention to detail. Among other things, there were windshield wipers and passengers. Oh, and a licorice road, which although is not sturdy, is tasty nonetheless. Who knew gum drops could be so versatile in car decorating?

This is Chuck's car. Obviously he has experience in these matters.

Ruby worked really hard on hers and showed great restraint with eating the candies.

Ben at work on Levi's new dry-erase table.

We played 'Levi BINGO'. Luke helped Levi play his card and had to keep a close eye on him because he kept trying to swipe the M&Ms that were being used as markers.

Levi received very thoughtful gifts. This is the clearest picture I could get with him and his new soccer ball. As soon as he unwrapped it he took off running to a clear spot in the other room so he could get busy kicking it.

Tools! He was thrilled with these and could hardly wait for his Daddy to free them from the shrink wrap.

Showing off his drilling technique and his tool belt:

He received this bench from Auntie Aundrea and Chuck. He helped unwrap it by using first his hammer and then his saw.

I can't believe he's two! (Well, not until Thursday, but still!)

Singing and blowing out the candle.

Playing with the new bench. There are little cubbies for the train and a track around the top for the trains to ride on.

Yep, this sums them up.

Bedtime reading with his new book.

Saying 'nighty-night' to GG.

It was a great night! Thanks to all who helped us celebrate.

Let's go get some more candy!

This morning Levi asked to put his giraffe costume on again and then rushed to the front window where he looked out longingly and said, "Kids? Kids?" He was hoping to do Halloween all over again.