Monday, March 31, 2008

First Time Daddy

We had a good weekend and we are hoping you did as well. I thought I would share a moment when I had Amber laughing extremely hard (you know the kind of laugh that makes your belly hurt).

Well after the last checkup for Levi the doctor told us that we could start to introduce solids (pronounced as 'Salads' in Amber's lovely Chicago accent). So with Levi now at 20 weeks old we decided that we would start things out on Sunday. Amber sent me to the store with instructions to get rice cereal. I figure that it couldn't be too hard so I head to the baby food aisle and look for cereal. I soon realize that there are a couple of choices for rice cereal. I grab both a solid puff cereal in a cannister and a box of rice cereal mix. I get to the checkout and the checker (who tells me she is also a mother) asks me how old my baby is. I tell her that he is 5 months and she seems a little surprised/concerned but doesn't say anything. After I got home and explained to Amber how I thought it was odd that the checker would think to ask how old our baby was. I told her I wonder what the big deal is getting the rice puffs cereal. So as I show her the cannister and the two kinds of cereal and she starts to laugh very hard. She was nice enough to clue me in on the joke: what I thought was rice puff cereal is actually a finger food for toddlers. It certainly looks more like cereal than the other stuff. I guess I think our little Levi is a little more advanced than other babies.

Just as a note: Levi has attempted to eat the rice cereal (not puff variety) twice with limited success. We think he might have swallowed a spoonfull between both feedings. We'll keep trying though. He figured out rolling over I imagine he'll get this soon enough.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thanks for your patience

Well we have had this blog now for almost 2 years and haven't yet explored the video posting options available to us. As things would turn out, our friends the Johnson five have inspired us to try it out.

So we will start it off with a video of Levi when he was still less than 2 weeks old.

Here is one of Levi showing off a present that he got in the mail this week from his Auntie Corrine.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Here are a few pictures of Luke when he was just a little guy.
Do they remind you of someone else??

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter High

I don't know about you, but I am feeling something of an Easter high. And no.... it doesn't have anything to do with the sudden increase in the rate of chocolate intake per hour. It has more to do with where I have been, where I am now, and the prospect of what lies ahead because I get to share in the resurrection of Christ.

Where I have been is nothing to be sad about or mad about. In fact, I would tell anyone that it might not have always been rosy or easy but I can look back and see where God was at work in my life. One of my momma's favorite songs talks about counting your blessing one by one and Lord knows that I can count a lot. Amber and I are both very blessed to have awesome parents and siblings who love and care for us very much.

Where I am now is happy and sockless (a reference to one of my Dad's sermons long ago about how God can bless your socks off). I have a beautiful, caring, loving, giving, tough, strong, praying, playful, awesome wife in Amber who truly knows me for all I am and loves me. I feel that she loves me more and more all time and I thank God for her. Her family is an added bonus as they have welcomed me as one of their own and I love them very much. Of course you don't think for a minute that I can't talk about now and not mention my little Levi. If someone where to hold me down and force me to confess what the biggest blessing of 2007 was for me it would be Levi and I would say he has a lock so far on 2008 too. And to make more time for Levi and Amber God blessed me with a new job that allows be at home with them on a regular schedule.

The prospect of what lies ahead is very promising. Our little Levi is showing more and more of his personality and we love getting to sing songs with him and make him smile and laugh. We'll have to see how long his smiling lasts when I sing if his talent hearing pitch and singing is more on par with his Grandpa and Papa than his Daddy. I look forward to praying with Levi, taking him on scouting adventures, baptizing him, playing catch. The fun is really just beginning and I am very excited. I know you are excited too and thanks for coming to visit our blog and share in our blessings.

So soak up this Easter high by taking a moment to count your blessings. I bet you don't have to look very far before you find some really big ones.

God Bless You,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Family Visit

We had so much fun during Joel, Kelly, and Ruby's visit. Levi especially loved watching Ruby play and all of the hugs and kisses and pats that she gave to him.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Levi takes a walk

"Mama, I think it's almost 60 degrees out here...don't you think you overdressed me a little??" "Daddy doesn't have to wear a snowsuit! Why do I?"

New Cousin

We went to visit and welcome our new second cousin Makenzie. It's hard to believe that Levi was her size not very long ago. Jerrika is making a very good big sister. Levi was glad to see her and Sheralyn again. He also got to meet his great Aunt Diane for the first time.

Happy Feet

In these pictures, Levi is literally jumping for joy. He was giggling and bouncing all around in his new Jumperoo. Thanks to Nana and Papa for this fun present. It wasn't clear who was having more fun: the bouncee or his audience.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring is Here, No it's Not

It's been a very cold, long winter here. Maybe we will get some pity for this from our family in Florida but I'm sure our friends and relatives in Chicago, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island won't spare any sympathy for us Kansans.

Since his birth in November, Levi's only experience with the great outdoors was being shuttled to and from the car, in his carseat, shrouded under several layers of blankets. Last weekend, however, it warmed up considerably and we had 60 degree plus days. Lucas and I took Levi for a walk in his stroller. Levi looked around with great intensity, his eyes wide open. He seemed to be thinking, "Wow, this 'outside' is HUGE!! Why is it so bright? Why is the air moving around? Where is the carpet that I like to spit up on??"

Sadly, the warm weekend which we interpreted as a harbinger of spring turned out to be just a cruel tease. This week we've had windy, cold days again. It's back inside with us...