Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's a boy!!!

Recently we had an ultrasound appointment. While there, we received the happy news that we are pregnant with a healthy baby boy! It was very reassuring to hear that all of the many aspects of the baby's physical development are going as they should. The sonographer reported that our baby's head measured at the 73rd percentile. Lucas says this means the baby is a genius. Amber just says 'Ouch'.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Conversations- Part II

As documented earlier, Luke entertains us by having conversations with our unborn child. Sometimes it’s not an entire dialogue but just an impromptu response from Ziggy to something I’ve done or said. The baby is always very expressive, sounding perhaps excited or exasperated or sleepy depending on the conversation.

While I’m laughing hard at something.
Ziggy: “Up, down, up, down. Help, I’m on a roller coaster!”

After getting my appetite back for a couple of weeks, eating lots of goodies, and then stepping on the scale:
Amber: “Whoa, it looks like I need to cut back on the sweet stuff. You better finish the rest of that chocolate cake, Luke.”
Lucas: “No problem.”
Ziggy: “Nooooo! I love chocolate cake! Send down more cake!”

As Lucas is driving us through a construction zone where the road is rough:
Ziggy: “Bumpy! Daddy, why are you driving like that?”
Lucas: “The road is being worked on. We’re in a construction zone.”
Ziggy: “Oh, I see…Daddy?”
Lucas: “Yes?”
Ziggy: “What’s a road? What’s construction?”

Ziggy: “I love Jesus, yes I do, I love Jesus, how bout you?”
Lucas: “I love Jesus yes I do, I love Jesus, how bout you?”
Ziggy: “Oh Mama, I can’t hear yoooooouuuu…”
Amber: “I love Jesus yes I do, I love Jesus, how bout you?”

Saturday, June 02, 2007

4 months down

We wrapped up the fourth month of pregnancy with a visit from Ziggy's Nana and Papa over Memorial Day weekend. It was a very nice time. We had a slightly soggy picnic at the Liberty Memorial on Sunday. This was followed up by plenty of shopping, eating, and all 'round good fellowship on Monday. Luke is seen showing off some of the gender neutral bounty from the shopping expedition. Amber is showing off her growing belly.