Monday, May 26, 2008


After weeks and weeks of incessant drooling, gnawing, and chewing, Levi's first tooth came through today. I was surprised at how excited and proud it made me. Although it was a little bit of a rough evening, he is sleeping now thanks to the soporific influence of ora-gel and tylenol.


We got to visit with Mom and Dad Dickson, Aunt Liz, Avery, GG, Syndy, AnnMayre, and Braedon over the weekend. As you can see the boys had a good time together. Even with limited mobility, they managed to put on a pretty entertaining show.

Peas, Please.

Levi's Dad has an infamous distaste for peas. Ever since he refused them repeatedly as an infant, Lucas has hated them. His family was curious as to whether this would be an inherited
trait. Last week on 'New Food Monday' we introduced Levi to pureed peas. As you can see he made some pretty entertaining faces but kept eating them. Tonight we introduced pears and as you can imagine, those went down without any protest at all.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Pics

Here are a few pictures from our weekend. Joel, Kelly, and Ruby were here to do some house hunting. The cousins enjoyed their time together immensely.

Though they are 15 months apart, Ruby and Levi only differ in weight by a couple of pounds. Ruby thinks that Levi is older than he is and kept trying to, in her words, 'crash' Levi. All of the adults would worry and jump to try and protect Levi from it but he would just laugh- he absolutely loved the roughhousing.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was very special. Look at my sign! Lucas helped Levi get me an incredibly sweet card. I also received earrings that match the necklace he gave me when Levi was born. This on top of all the work he did at the house this weekend. Yay!

Rhode Island Visit

Here's Levi during our layover in Chicago. He enjoyed riding in his new stroller and smiling at everyone we passed.
We brought Levi to Amgen to see where his Nana and Papa work. His Nana carried him all around and proudly showed him off to all of her co-workers. He even got his own security badge.
Auntie Lea came to visit and Levi had lots of smiles for her.
Nana gave Levi a million kisses!
It's so fun to play on Papa's lap.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Half Birthday

We had a small 'half birthday' celebration for Levi and Addison. It's hard to believe they are six months old now.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

Baby on the Loose.

Levi rolled and rolled and rolled and made it out of his baby gym and across the room. He's officially mobile!