Sunday, March 25, 2012


Have we mentioned, oh I don't know, eleventy billion times, that we are renovating?  And it's a little crazy sometimes?  Yes?  An appraiser comes in a week to look at the place.  We are moving forward on a refinance and while all of the renovation projects do not have to be done, certain ones do.  There has been much working going on to prepare for this amid the regular life stuff.

It's been raining a lot.  The temperatures have been nice, though, so several times a day I let the boys out to play.  They've been averaging 3 changes of clothes per day all week.  So. Much. Mud.

At least we have a working bath tub now!  He's happily clutching the wand to the garden sprayer.  I had been using it to wet the ceiling in the master bedroom so I could scrape off the old popcorn texture.  After I was done with that,  the boys played with it non-stop all afternoon.  The few places in our yard that had dried up somewhat were re-wetted with the sprayer.  Levi convinced me to let them bring it in to their bath.  I started to say 'No' but that seemed a bit silly so I acquiesced.

Friday, March 16, 2012

This and That

Levi asked to play with both umbrellas then pretended that they were tents. He's very interested in camping lately.
You know what else he's intersted in lately?  Yarn, string, rope, ribbon, etc.  He's always working to tie things together or make elaborate weavings.  This week he also strung the red yarn across the front walk-way to, in his words, "make sure no dogs get in our house!"

The weather has been wonderful and somewhat wet so both boys have spent a lot of time getting especially dirty.  I've had to strip them down upon re-entering the house.  Then they don't want to put any clothes on.  Well, except for new green froggy boots!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Milo!

Dear Milo,

I know that someday you will be grown and accomplished.  I will marvel at your ideas and skills and opinions.  You’ll ask me to call you ‘Miles’ and I’ll oblige.  You’ll take your Dad and me out to dinner and we will love hearing about all the things you are doing and we will laugh at the funny jokes you share because even though you are quiet and serious you have a killer sense of humor.  While I sit there and relish the conversation, do you know what I’ll be picturing? 

That’s my boy.  Completely adorable, sweet, and lively but also contemplative, intense, and at times a bit solemn.   You have bright eyes and a self-assuredness that doesn’t often attach itself to a toddler.  When you get a plan in your head you just go ahead and execute said plan.  That’s how you ended up riding a scooter at 18 months old.   It’s one of the many, many things I love about you.

Today is your second birthday but in your mind you think you are at least 5 years old, maybe more like 7.   I noticed this frustration in you early on in your infancy.   You didn’t want to be a baby- you wanted to DO ALL THE THINGS

This past year has been an adventure as we’ve been renovating the whole house while living there. I treasure all the memories of your milestones taking place amid the dust and noise and change. Also, you are just too cute with your little tools, working away just like your Daddy. I am so looking forward to all the adventures this next year will bring.  Also, I'm looking forward to not having the air compressor and assorted power tools in the dining room.

Little boy, your Daddy and I adore you. Being your mother fills up places in my heart that I didn’t even know existed before you arrived.   Happy birthday, dear one.
With love,
your MaMaMa (as you call me) 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Update

Milo got a birthday package this weekend in the mail from Auntie Corrine, Kosse, and Ky. New froggy rain boots!  He was quite proud of them. As soon as he put them on he headed for the door, ready to find some puddles to splash in.

Today was his 2 year old well check-up.  He is 36.5 inches tall (though they measured him while he was lying on his back and he didn't look like he was fully stretched out) which is in the 94%, 31.5 pounds (84%), and his head circumference is 19.5 inches.  Levi's stats at this age were 38" (100%), 31 pounds (80%), and a head circumference of 19.25 inches.

He bravely soldiered through the immunizations though tears were shed by him and by me.  Luke met us at the doctor's office so we had the whole clan there for the visit which is not uncommon.  Today was the first time though that the nurses asked one of us to take Levi out of the room while Milo got his shots.  After Luke and Levi stepped into the hallway she shared the reason why- apparently recently a protective older brother, very upset with the fact that the nurse was giving his baby sibling a shot, leapt up and started kicking and hitting the nurse, saying, "STOP!"  Poor nurses- it's terrible to add 'being attacked by a preschooler' to the list of things they have to deal with.

It was a rainy Sunday and Luke took a minute to read the boys a book at the children's library at our church after service.

Sunday, Joel and Kelly watched the boys for the night while Luke and I went to a concert downtown.  The tickets were my Christmas present and it was for my favorite band, Needtobreathe.

The show was at the Midland Theatre and we had so. much. fun.  As I do not like loud noises nor flashing lights, rock concerts are not usually my cup of tea, but, SQUEEEE!  It was great. 

Friday, March 09, 2012

Brothers, Playmates

The new baby cousins have had an influence on Levi. He is very interested in infants these days and often asks that I tell him stories about when he was one.

He also likes to pretend to be a baby. His absolute favorite part of this particular game is when he sits up, says to me, "I'm a baby, I can't sit up!" and then starts to tip himself over. I grab him just before he falls and say, "I've got you!" and sit him up straight again. He giggles and we repeat that over and over.

Uusally Milo would also pretend to be a baby but this week, he adopted the role of caretaker.  He will cover Levi up with a blanket and also fed him a 'bottle' (a toy parmesan cheese shaker from the pretend pizza kit). It's so funny.

two wiggly babies

"This is our crib, Mama."

one giant baby and one tiny baby

Great Grandma Corzine sent this book especially for Levi.  It is all about how things work.  He loves poring over the pictures.

Very Excited to have found a worm.

He wanted to bring it into the house and feed it cheese.
I suggested some dirt instead.  They also thought the worm would enjoy some leaves and a stick.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Four-Year-Olds Are Adorably Quirky

And here's photographic proof:

Levi managed to get this giraffe head first into the water bottle but now I can't get it out.

He lashed his snow shovel to the tricycle with a bungee cord and then asked me to tie his sleds up with some gift wrap ribbon.

He then tied those to the tricycle and took off around the driveway.

He saw the garbage truck start down the cul-de-sac toward our house, parked his trike, and struck this pose.

He told me he didn't want the garbage truck to try and take his stuff!

He came to me during rest time announcing that he had killed a spider.  I cheered him on and imagined that he had nabbed the spider with the crumpled-up paper towel.  He set me straight saying, "I SMASHED the spider with my (bare) foot!  Really hard!  Then I wiped it off my foot!  Here it is!"

He used yarn pieces I gave him to attach duplo blocks to his feet.

"I made ice-skates, Mama!"

This kid keeps me so entertained.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Nana and Papa Visit

We had so much fun while Mom and Dad visited last weekend. They played with the kids, took us out shopping and eating, and helped us with some house projects. Mom was a white tornado and among other things cleaned and organized all the kitchen cabinets, the pantries, and several closets.

bedtime reading

waiting for our table on Friday night

Debbie and Little Debbie

soccer game

I miss my Mama!

At Science City on Saturday


Lunch at Harvey's at Union Station

"They gave me chocolate milk!"

Saturday, March 03, 2012


Nana and Papa are in town visiting and yesterday took the kids to get their pictures taken. Levi, Ruby, Ben, and Milo were all adorable and the photos turned out great. We have some hard copies to share, family members, and will send them out to you soon.