Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Update

Milo got a birthday package this weekend in the mail from Auntie Corrine, Kosse, and Ky. New froggy rain boots!  He was quite proud of them. As soon as he put them on he headed for the door, ready to find some puddles to splash in.

Today was his 2 year old well check-up.  He is 36.5 inches tall (though they measured him while he was lying on his back and he didn't look like he was fully stretched out) which is in the 94%, 31.5 pounds (84%), and his head circumference is 19.5 inches.  Levi's stats at this age were 38" (100%), 31 pounds (80%), and a head circumference of 19.25 inches.

He bravely soldiered through the immunizations though tears were shed by him and by me.  Luke met us at the doctor's office so we had the whole clan there for the visit which is not uncommon.  Today was the first time though that the nurses asked one of us to take Levi out of the room while Milo got his shots.  After Luke and Levi stepped into the hallway she shared the reason why- apparently recently a protective older brother, very upset with the fact that the nurse was giving his baby sibling a shot, leapt up and started kicking and hitting the nurse, saying, "STOP!"  Poor nurses- it's terrible to add 'being attacked by a preschooler' to the list of things they have to deal with.

It was a rainy Sunday and Luke took a minute to read the boys a book at the children's library at our church after service.

Sunday, Joel and Kelly watched the boys for the night while Luke and I went to a concert downtown.  The tickets were my Christmas present and it was for my favorite band, Needtobreathe.

The show was at the Midland Theatre and we had so. much. fun.  As I do not like loud noises nor flashing lights, rock concerts are not usually my cup of tea, but, SQUEEEE!  It was great. 

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