Friday, March 09, 2012

Brothers, Playmates

The new baby cousins have had an influence on Levi. He is very interested in infants these days and often asks that I tell him stories about when he was one.

He also likes to pretend to be a baby. His absolute favorite part of this particular game is when he sits up, says to me, "I'm a baby, I can't sit up!" and then starts to tip himself over. I grab him just before he falls and say, "I've got you!" and sit him up straight again. He giggles and we repeat that over and over.

Uusally Milo would also pretend to be a baby but this week, he adopted the role of caretaker.  He will cover Levi up with a blanket and also fed him a 'bottle' (a toy parmesan cheese shaker from the pretend pizza kit). It's so funny.

two wiggly babies

"This is our crib, Mama."

one giant baby and one tiny baby

Great Grandma Corzine sent this book especially for Levi.  It is all about how things work.  He loves poring over the pictures.

Very Excited to have found a worm.

He wanted to bring it into the house and feed it cheese.
I suggested some dirt instead.  They also thought the worm would enjoy some leaves and a stick.

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