Sunday, March 25, 2012


Have we mentioned, oh I don't know, eleventy billion times, that we are renovating?  And it's a little crazy sometimes?  Yes?  An appraiser comes in a week to look at the place.  We are moving forward on a refinance and while all of the renovation projects do not have to be done, certain ones do.  There has been much working going on to prepare for this amid the regular life stuff.

It's been raining a lot.  The temperatures have been nice, though, so several times a day I let the boys out to play.  They've been averaging 3 changes of clothes per day all week.  So. Much. Mud.

At least we have a working bath tub now!  He's happily clutching the wand to the garden sprayer.  I had been using it to wet the ceiling in the master bedroom so I could scrape off the old popcorn texture.  After I was done with that,  the boys played with it non-stop all afternoon.  The few places in our yard that had dried up somewhat were re-wetted with the sprayer.  Levi convinced me to let them bring it in to their bath.  I started to say 'No' but that seemed a bit silly so I acquiesced.

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