Thursday, March 08, 2012

Four-Year-Olds Are Adorably Quirky

And here's photographic proof:

Levi managed to get this giraffe head first into the water bottle but now I can't get it out.

He lashed his snow shovel to the tricycle with a bungee cord and then asked me to tie his sleds up with some gift wrap ribbon.

He then tied those to the tricycle and took off around the driveway.

He saw the garbage truck start down the cul-de-sac toward our house, parked his trike, and struck this pose.

He told me he didn't want the garbage truck to try and take his stuff!

He came to me during rest time announcing that he had killed a spider.  I cheered him on and imagined that he had nabbed the spider with the crumpled-up paper towel.  He set me straight saying, "I SMASHED the spider with my (bare) foot!  Really hard!  Then I wiped it off my foot!  Here it is!"

He used yarn pieces I gave him to attach duplo blocks to his feet.

"I made ice-skates, Mama!"

This kid keeps me so entertained.

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