Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Milo!

Dear Milo,

I know that someday you will be grown and accomplished.  I will marvel at your ideas and skills and opinions.  You’ll ask me to call you ‘Miles’ and I’ll oblige.  You’ll take your Dad and me out to dinner and we will love hearing about all the things you are doing and we will laugh at the funny jokes you share because even though you are quiet and serious you have a killer sense of humor.  While I sit there and relish the conversation, do you know what I’ll be picturing? 

That’s my boy.  Completely adorable, sweet, and lively but also contemplative, intense, and at times a bit solemn.   You have bright eyes and a self-assuredness that doesn’t often attach itself to a toddler.  When you get a plan in your head you just go ahead and execute said plan.  That’s how you ended up riding a scooter at 18 months old.   It’s one of the many, many things I love about you.

Today is your second birthday but in your mind you think you are at least 5 years old, maybe more like 7.   I noticed this frustration in you early on in your infancy.   You didn’t want to be a baby- you wanted to DO ALL THE THINGS

This past year has been an adventure as we’ve been renovating the whole house while living there. I treasure all the memories of your milestones taking place amid the dust and noise and change. Also, you are just too cute with your little tools, working away just like your Daddy. I am so looking forward to all the adventures this next year will bring.  Also, I'm looking forward to not having the air compressor and assorted power tools in the dining room.

Little boy, your Daddy and I adore you. Being your mother fills up places in my heart that I didn’t even know existed before you arrived.   Happy birthday, dear one.
With love,
your MaMaMa (as you call me) 


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. The last part and the last picture are my favorites. What a treat to have met you when you were just a little girl yourself. And now to get to see you as a loving mama. Pretty sweet. :) Happy Birthday, Milo!

Anonymous said...

Oops, the anonymous was blog/comment - impaired me. :)

Camille Clark

Lucas Dickson said...

Milo, I love you so very very much. It is a great joy getting the priviledge to be your dad. My heart melts when I see your smile or hear your laugh. I love how you and brother run with enthusiasm down the hall after I wake you up or get you ready for bed and say it's time to give momma kisses. I too love to give momma kisses. Your momma and I pray for you every day and also say a prayer for your future wife. You only two know so it's hard to express to you the joy I feel as I look forward to our future. You are special, important, handsome, and very much loved.

your dadda,