Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Levi's Dedication Service

Levi was dedicated last Sunday. His Grandpa Lynn performed the ceremony at his church in Leavenworth. Levi's Nana and Papa flew in from Rhode Island to be there. As you can see, Levi loves his outfit that Nana and Papa got him for the occasion. They actually got him 3 different special outfits for his dedication. Those of you who know his Nana I'm sure are not surprised by this. It was certainly useful. Levi managed to need a wardrobe change by the time the service was over.Levi giving his Gran a special smile.Levi was intrigued by his Great Grandma Dickson's scarf. He kept trying to get a good taste.
This is a bib that a nice lady from the Bethany church in Rhode Island made for Levi.
There was a big snowstorm the morning of his dedication service. We appreciated everyone who managed to drive through the weather to be there.
It was a special day.In this picture, Levi was trying to lean forward to get his slobbery hands on the camera.Levi does not enjoy 'tummy time'. He has no problem expressing his displeasure about it.
This is a toy Levi's G.G. gave him. As you can see, Levi is in the stage where EVERYTHING goes into his mouth- even plush, fuzzy giraffes.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Weekend

We helped celebrate Marji's birthday on Saturday.
Levi got to meet cousin Bonnie and cousin Scott who is home on leave from Iraq.

Nathan and Jerrika:

The Dickson Men:

Our smiley boy:

Two peas in a pod:

Fun with Mama:

Levi loves to fly.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Levi Narrates...

"I helped Auntie Aundrea celebrate her birthday last Sunday. No one let me help blow out the candles even though I had PLENTY of drool to help extinguish them."
"Check out my great hat. Aunt Kelly knitted it for me."
"This is my new winter suit. I fell asleep in it almost as soon as I got zipped in."

"Heehee, I just told a funny joke..."

" My parents can't let two seconds go by without kissing me."

"Sometimes I like to help Daddy with the computer."

"Go Wildcats!"