Monday, August 26, 2013


With very little help from me, the boys constructed parachutes from plastic bags, tape, and yarn.

They outfitted a few stuffed animals and sent them on the ride of their life.

He's explaining to me how he needs to apply some more tape.

Milo's turn.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Morning

A few pictures from our mornings this week. We're getting used to our new routine.

Playing with pipe cleaners and Styrofoam while I eat my breakfast.  
They very much enjoy my beloved dried figs.  I might have to start hiding them.
A quick soccer game before work and school.
He made a boat from the aforementioned Styrofoam.
Uh-oh, it's listing...
Milo found one of Levi's school papers.  He hadn't finished the last two rows so Milo did it for him.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Artist in Residence

Milo's fine motor skills are developing. Two of his favorite things to do are drawing and cutting. Of course I'm utterly charmed by all of his work.
The one on the right is a "Roshy Riss" = grocery list.
He's pretty prolific.  Instead of saving reams and reams of paper I thought I would photograph it instead.
This is me and Lucas!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

Levi had his first day of kindergarten today. He reported that it 'was SO fun!'

Remember these pictures from last year?
Also, visit here to read me write as if I am the first teary Mama ever to send her beloved child off to kindergarten.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Reunion Cont'd

Aundrea and Baby Charlie.

Cameron and Xavier.
Marji and me.
Charlie, Jerome, and Corrine.
Sheralyn and Aundrea.
Another tradition: Grandma D. and her greats on the couch.  We've always got at least one crying.  The kids are getting bigger but Grandma looks the same.
Aunt Diane brought some crafts.
Family pic after our outdoor family church service.
The two worked together to carry the camp chair all the way back to the cabin.  It was cute with a capital Q.
Marji and Lucas.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Family Reunion

We just got back from the annual Dickson Family Reunion. It was a great weekend and the boys especially had a blast. Levi was adamant we bring the headlamps.  Lucas took them on a twilight hike so they got some use.
Sherlyn and Nathan.
Uncle Kent and Carlene.
Lynn and JJ.
Corrine and Kosse got to come.
Levi's most prized souvenir: a fractured deer leg bone.
Leo and Levi.
One of the activities Levi was most looking forward to was getting to ride in the back of the pickup across the campgrounds to the pool.
Listening to the life guards give the pool rules.
Levi loved getting to swim with his Daddy.
more tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


We enjoyed spending some time at the beach.
The weather was perfect.
I'm not sure which was funnier- me boogie boarding or trying to teach Levi how to do it.
During our visit, Mom and Dad spoiled us with all kinds of treats- one of which was a visit to "Li'l Rhody's" for ice cream.
The kids were quick to request sprinkles (or 'jimmies' as they're called out there.)

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Rocket Planes

Lucas knows what his boys love. He spotted these rocket planes on sale and bought two.

The plane is pulled back along the barrel of a plastic shaft.
When the trigger is released the plane is propelled forward by a spring.
We played with them on the lawn at the campus of Mom's work while waiting to pick her up.
They were so excited.
Little boys are so fun.

Monday, August 05, 2013

My Monkeys at the Zoo

We spent one morning last week at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. Levi had actually been there before but of course did not remember it.
It was so nice to take an outing with all four of us.
The boys were curious about everything.
It was great to escape the Midwest heat and enjoy temperatures in the upper 70s instead of the upper 90s.  Everyone in New England takes their summers very seriously as it's such a short season for them.
The boys look at every object they encounter and ask themselves, "Can I climb this?"
Levi has been very interested in taking pictures lately.  He took this one and I think he captured the camels essence, don't you?
We visited the zoo on Wednesday, so if you are wondering, this is how happy a camel is on Hump Day.
Milo climbed up on this little wall and asked that I take his picture.
"Can we get a dog, Mama?"
We wrapped the visit up with a carousel ride. 
Their big smiles were contagious.