Monday, August 05, 2013

My Monkeys at the Zoo

We spent one morning last week at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. Levi had actually been there before but of course did not remember it.
It was so nice to take an outing with all four of us.
The boys were curious about everything.
It was great to escape the Midwest heat and enjoy temperatures in the upper 70s instead of the upper 90s.  Everyone in New England takes their summers very seriously as it's such a short season for them.
The boys look at every object they encounter and ask themselves, "Can I climb this?"
Levi has been very interested in taking pictures lately.  He took this one and I think he captured the camels essence, don't you?
We visited the zoo on Wednesday, so if you are wondering, this is how happy a camel is on Hump Day.
Milo climbed up on this little wall and asked that I take his picture.
"Can we get a dog, Mama?"
We wrapped the visit up with a carousel ride. 
Their big smiles were contagious.

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