Sunday, May 20, 2007


My nesting instinct has kicked in. All of a sudden I feel that it is of vital importance to immediately take care of all the cleaning, organizing, and house projects around here that are in various stages of completion. Lucas has been a great sport about it. This weekend we worked on the basement and garage. This involved sorting through many boxes that were being stored down there. We unearthed treasures like Luke’s old boy scout parephanalia, little league trophies, and pictures. We also found un-treasures like pens that don’t write, old bank statements, and a bag of un-matched socks.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

We have been incredibly blessed with wonderful mothers and there is not enough space on the internet to list out all the things we appreciate about them. We love you!


On Friday night Aundrea, Chuck, Nathan, Sheralyn, and Jerrika came over for lasagna. We did lots of chatting over garlic bread and Jerrika amazed us with her feats of strength. She is a very smiley, strong baby.

On Saturday morning, Luke got a lot of yard work done and I did some cleaning in the basement. That evening, we had dinner at John and Cyndi’s to celebrate Brendan’s birthday. His party had a Curious George theme and it was very fun to watch him be so excited about turning 3 years old. Afterwards we met John and Kim for a show at the Heartland Theater. We saw ‘Bunk Bed Brothers’ which was pretty entertaining.
It's great to get to enjoy our friends, the nice spring weather, and the boost in energy I've felt now that the middle trimester is under way.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Lucas has conversations with the baby (who, while in utero, we’ve given the nickname ‘Ziggy’)- helpfully supplying both sides of the dialogue. Here are a couple of the exchanges that have taken place over the past couple of weeks:

While I was sitting on the couch looking quite green from morning sickness:
Luke: Now Ziggy, I want you to be nice to your Mama…you’re making her stomach feel sick.
Ziggy: ok…but Daddy?
Luke: Yes?
Ziggy: I’m just…I’m just trying to grow big!
Luke: Well, I guess that’s ok, then.

Saying goodbye as I leave for work:
Luke: byebye Ziggy, have fun at work with Mama.
Ziggy: I have to go to work?
Luke: Yes, you have to go to work
Ziggy: But…but…I’m just a little, bitty, tiny, baby! You’re making me get a job already?

Luke definitely does the best Ziggy impression but I still help make his/her desires known, saying things like:

“Ziggy was hungry and wanted me to eat the last piece of pumpkin cake…”
“Hmmm, the baby must have been cold, that’s why I stole your covers last night…”
“Ziggy is very, very tired. I’m going to go take a nap.”