Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is here?

We are in the middle of a freak spring storm. This morning it was very rainy and then the temperature started dropping. That left quite a layer of ice on everything which has since been covered up with snow. It's coming down pretty hard in big, fat flakes right now.

Unfortunately, our tree in the side yard lost a really big limb. The snow is still coming down, hopefully we don't lose any more.

Levi did not find being out in the snow a magical experience. He was more than ready to head back inside.

Yes, those are socks on his hands. His one pair of mittens is too small for him.


Levi Helps

"I'm very excited to help clean. No, I haven't been working out, this is just drool."
"First I help Mama move the chairs. I have very strong muscles."

"Next I adjust the cap on the mop. It's an important part of my technique."

"If you sweep and mop at the same time it really cuts down on the time it takes to do chores."

"Whew! I'm exhausted. All I do around here is work, work, work."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Levi's Weekend

The last page of 'Corderoy's Day' is Levi's favorite. He waves and says, "Good Night Corderoy!" Well, actually he says, "Nigh nnn Coboggee!!" Also, he starts saying this excitedly in anticipation quite a few pages before we get to the last page.
"I cannot believe my luck- Momma is letting me play with the keys!"

"This is trickier than it looks."

Yum- making waffles with Daddy on Saturday morning. Levi volunteered to be the taste tester. He also volunteered to touch the stack of waffles with his slobbery fingers.

"Back off, Momma, this is my waffle! That hungry look in your eyes is making me nervous..."

Levi is really enjoying the new puzzle his GG brought for him.

Two sippy cups! Just like my t-shirt says, life is good.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pat's!

The weather was beautiful today. Ruby and Levi enjoyed a walk together. Here was my view:

She reached over to give him a big squeeze.

The cousins at lunch:

He's grown a lot since last St. Patrick's day!

He had a rough and tumble day. Look at those poor knees! He also ate some dirt, fell off Ruby's tricycle, and licked the wand we were blowing bubbles with while outside this morning. He's definitely all boy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pictures from the Week

We've been reading this book to Levi since he was born (It was a present from Nana and Papa) and as the little girl on this page has always been a favorite of his. Now instead of just smiling at her he actually gives her a kiss.
Ben loves riding on his Mama's knees and Ruby loves imitating her Mama.

Waiting to go outside, looking for the neighbor's cat.

Look at those blue eyes. This week Ruby told Joel, "Auntie is my aunt!"

They love the new double stroller.

A split second before landing on his back-side:

A split-second before grabbing the camera:

Exploring with Aunt Aundrea.

"But I don't want to come inside!"

"I got Grandpa!"

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A few things that have made me laugh lately:

Watching Levi having a naked Ring-Around-the-Rosey session with himself. He had escaped while being dryed off after his bath. I wish I had a video of him smiling and spinning in the corner of his room.

Read: "Structural engineering is the art of modelling materials we do not wholly understand into shapes we cannot precisely analyse so as to withstand forces we cannot properly assess in such a way that the public at large has no reason to suspect the extent of our ignorance." (Dr. A.R Dykes in the 1946 Chairman's Address to the Scottish Branch of the Institution of Structural Engineers)

Luke: "No, Levi, don't touch"
Levi: "uuuuhn!"
Luke: "Get out of the trash"
Levi: "uuuhhnnnn!"
Luke: "Well, if you're hungry I'll get you a snack, you don't have to go dumpster diving."


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Potty Party! (party poopers welcome)

We were invited to a very exciting event on Saturday night. A party to celebrate Ruby's wonderful potty training progress. Can I just tell you how proud I am?? She did great and was very enthusiastic and adorable about the whole thing.
Joel and Kelly's helpful pictorial aid. A 'flow' chart, if you will.
Ruby with her new dolly.
You know he's concentrating because his tongue is configued in the 'thinking position'.

A happy bystander:

documenting the momentous occasion
so cute together...

Penguin in the Making

Aunt A. and Uncle C. came by for a visit yesterday bearing a present for Levi. They got it while in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago. It's a Penguins toddler hockey stick and puck!