Monday, March 31, 2014

More Birthday Fun

Milo's 4 year old stats:
Height: 43 inches (95%)
Weight: 40 pounds (80%)

Joined by Gran and Grandpa, we celebrated Milo's birthday with dessert at the Dinosaur Restaurant. He was thrilled by all of the thoughtful presents Gran and Grandpa brought for him.

He enjoyed Grandma Dickson's card and gift, too.
My three guys.
A large contingent of waitstaff came out singing and clapping, bearing this dramatic dessert.
Happy Birthday, Milo!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Special Delivery

One of the highlights of Milo's birthday week were all of the packages and cards that arrived especially for him.

A card and gift from Grammie:
Carefully opening the envelope.

Studying the front of the card.


Look at that little smile.
Card from Nana and Papa:
They know just what he likes.

Special delivery from Ruby and Ben:

Presents from Auntie Corrine, Ky, and Kosse:
We can't wait to fly the kite!
More tracks and cars (and monies) from Nana and Papa:

Thank you for making his birthday such a celebration.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Milo!

Dear Milo,

Many, many people are going about their business on this March 13th, unaware of what a special day it is.  I for one feel absolutely gleeful about today, your fourth birthday.  Celebrating you- what could be a better occasion?

We so enjoy you, especially now in this particularly delightful stage.  The rate at which you are growing seems to keep gathering speed yet I have no bittersweet feelings about that.  You were a precious baby, of course, but as an infant you quite often looked like this:

And now, instead of going "Tomato Head", you are usually smiling like this:

Or this:
But, as your afternoon naps are pretty much a thing of the past, you don't often look like this:
(You stocked all three backpacks with toy cars, books, and blocks then cuddled up to your yellow car and fell asleep wearing your beloved superman shirt backwards and only one argyle sock.)

This morning you insisted on doing chores.  You swept and mopped the kitchen and gathered up the garbage from all the little wastebaskets in the house.  You painstakingly colored and cut a new picture for me.  You smiled up at me and out of the blue said, "I really, really love you, Mommy, super duper duper!!"

Last night, at Levi's insistence, he and your dad went shopping for you.  I was finishing a project so I set you up to get some extra dvd time while I worked.  I was at the laptop and you were a few feet away with ear-buds watching Clifford, rapt. I took advantage of the fact that you were sitting still (it does not happen often) and got lost in thought gazing at your ever-lengthening feet.  I sniffed your sweet hair and marveled at how quickly it is darkening.  I scratched your back and looked ruefully at your latest haircut which had been progressing well until as I was trimming the back you wiggled and it got a little wonky. Then when you let out one of your trademark, completely contagious giggles.  I got a little teary.

Happy birthday to our dear, bright, sensitive, creative, sweetheart of a boy.

much love,

Thursday, March 06, 2014


Milo took some pictures. I thought I'd share with you his artistic view of the world.

"Blanket Fort"
(the toes in the bottom center are my favorite part)
"Ceiling Fan"
(I really need to get one of those telescoping dusters)
"Finger and Arc Lamp"

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Clifford and Cuddling

The favorite show for DVD time lately has been Clifford (the big, red dog).

Oh Clifford, you rascally pup!

Monday, March 03, 2014

Trying Something New

Lucas got the boys signed up for an "introduction to hockey" session at a local rink.

Would you look at these two!
Levi had been counting down the days until he could get onto the ice. Milo expressed hesitation about the whole thing.   When he got all suited up in skates and gear, however, he was beaming.
Waiting for their turn. Milo is saying his favorite phrase: "What's taking so long?"

Once on the ice, Milo's smile disappeared.  He used the skating aids for a little while and skated a tiny bit with help from a few of the coaches, but then he was through with the experience. 

Levi took to the skates pretty well.  He was excited to have a hockey stick and puck to do drills with.  The rink was full of beginners and it seemed that at any one time at least a third of them were sprawled out on the ice and another third were in mid-fall.  After Levi got off the ice and we took his helmet off, his hair was drenched in sweat and his cheeks were bright pink.