Monday, March 03, 2014

Trying Something New

Lucas got the boys signed up for an "introduction to hockey" session at a local rink.

Would you look at these two!
Levi had been counting down the days until he could get onto the ice. Milo expressed hesitation about the whole thing.   When he got all suited up in skates and gear, however, he was beaming.
Waiting for their turn. Milo is saying his favorite phrase: "What's taking so long?"

Once on the ice, Milo's smile disappeared.  He used the skating aids for a little while and skated a tiny bit with help from a few of the coaches, but then he was through with the experience. 

Levi took to the skates pretty well.  He was excited to have a hockey stick and puck to do drills with.  The rink was full of beginners and it seemed that at any one time at least a third of them were sprawled out on the ice and another third were in mid-fall.  After Levi got off the ice and we took his helmet off, his hair was drenched in sweat and his cheeks were bright pink.


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Corrine said...

I love this! Future Olympians!