Monday, February 24, 2014

Kindergarten Open House

Last week the whole family went to Levi's school for his open house.

Levi and his teacher, Ms. Pappas.

Pointing out his '100th Day of School Picture.'

The kindergartner and the kindergartner-wanna-be.

He showed us the library and pointed out this particular shelf.  It has books on outer space.

I absolutely loved watching him show us around.  He's had a great school year.

We told him that he was our leader for the evening.  He sped around the school, "Here's the art room, here's the library, here's the gym..."  Our tour was over QUICKLY.
Levi's heart says, "I love my family because they are nice." I saw Henry, Suhayl, and Janelle's hearts all said the same thing.

Of course the whole class room is completely charming.

We'll be walking over this door mat many, many times in the coming years.

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