Sunday, April 07, 2013

No Training Wheels

Last Saturday in the car, Levi was talking about how much he wanted to be able to ride a motor-bike. Lucas remarked that he would need to learn to ride his two wheeler first.  Apparently that was all the motivation Levi needed.  As soon as they got home he pulled out his bike and told everyone he was going to learn to ride it.  By Tuesday he was pedaling around our cul-de-sac with ease.  I was so proud of his determination and enjoyed the big smile on his face as he rides.   Now he can navigate the curb on our drive-way and mostly can steer around his brother.

Yesterday Lucas used the blower to clear out all the leaves that had accumulated throughout the winter around our house. A lot of the trees in our neighborhood shed leaves long after fall is over. Instead of jumping in the leaf pile, Levi rode through it.

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Corrine said...

Well, he accomplished what you said. Does he get a motor bike now?! Can't wait to give him a high five this weekend!