Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Just now as I was getting Levi ready for rest time he asked to hear stories about when he was a baby.  He's been interested in this subject lately and listens intently about how he had to wear little bitty clothes and sit in the baby carseat.  He likes to point out all the things he could not do as a baby: eat food, talk, ride a scooter.  He thinks it's HILARIOUS when I tell him we had to change his stinky diapers.

Just now, I was telling him how we used to wrap him up tight in a swaddle and would call him 'Baby Burrito'  He loved hearing that and requested that I swaddle him for rest time.  We both were giggling really hard while I did it.  Have you ever swaddled a giant almost-4-year-old?  Trust me, it's funny.

He's so long I cut his feet off in the picture.

Here's Levi just a few days old in his triple swaddle.
Levi rarely falls asleep in the afternoon anymore.  While Milo naps in the bedroom I let Levi play for awhile in the play room then have about an hour of quiet time on the futon.  As I was uploading these pictures to post I noticed the playroom was uncharacteristically silent.  I went to peek in on Levi and found a very large Burrito Baby still swaddled and fast asleep!

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