Monday, February 13, 2012

Eye Doctor

We had a family outing to the eye doctor this evening. Levi had his first exam and proclaimed, "I love going to the eye doctor!" . He took things very seriously and followed all the doctor's directions exactly. He seemed so grown up.  When he was unable to make out one of the symbols on the eye chart he would charmingly say, "uhhhh, that one's a little too tricky."  His eyes are fine and he did not need glasses but our insurance covers a pair every year so we got him some frames for sports. Milo was very disappointed that he did not get an eye exam but he did have fun trying on glasses.

Levi was interested in all the equipment in the office.

Doctor, what can you do to help us with these crazy red eyes??

Whenever he was wearing glasses he set his mouth like this.

Levi was  spinning around in the swivel chair.

Our eye doctor's office is in the mall so we got to have a couple of rides on the escalator.  He was proud to carry out his bag with the glasses in it like a big boy.

This is not an action shot.  Milo held this position the whole way up.


Anonymous said...

we are so glad that he loved the experience because with his genetics he is pretty much guaranteed to get a visit once a year for the rest of his life.


grandpa said...

at least.