Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

My three wonderful valentines gave me several special treats throughout the day and that evening we went out for a low-key dinner all together. After the boys went to bed, Luke and I snuggled up with some chocolate and watched a funny movie together.

Do you see that empty container of guacamole?  It's fun to watch him grow into taste buds that are similar to mine.  But this, this makes me a little sad because now I have to share.  I used to get the guacamole all to myself.

Levi took this picture.  As he was setting up the shot I said, "Watch out, don't get your fingers on the lense- it'll get all smeared!"  I was a bit too late with that advice. 

He's so cute sometimes that it makes me squeal.

After dinner we stopped in at Trader Joe's mostly because I wanted to pick up their dark chocolate and caramel with sea salt candy bar.  Thanks, Kelly, for getting me hooked on those things.

Earlier in the week I was there with the boys and I let Miles have his own cart for the first time.  I spent our entire time in the store laughing while trying to keep him from running into fellow shoppers.  It was one of the most amusing things I have ever seen.  He would just put his head down and drive that cart as fast as he could until he ran into an obstacle then he'd course correct and push it forward again with mounting passion and purpose.

They had to take turns putting items in their carts.  Last week somehow one of them snuck in some gluten-free french rolls.  I didn't even notice while we were checking out because I was quite busy convincing Milo that we were done pushing the cart around.  Luke tried one of the rolls and couldn't even finish it.  Not so tasty. 

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