Saturday, June 01, 2013

Birthday Kickoff

To celebrate the upcoming birthdays, Jeremy and Tricia got cake and ice cream while they were here. Mine is on June 5th and Jake's is on June 6th. We were serenaded by everyone.

Ryan was more than happy to serve as a back-up candle extinguisher.   I can't believe Jake is going to be 10!  I can't believe that I'm going to be 36!!!
Jake made all kinds of awesome origami figures while he was here.  Levi was positively enamored with Jake- studying his every move.  Jake was extremely kind to both of my boys.  I'll be very happy if when they are ten, Levi and Milo turn out like him.
Our guests left on Monday.  It was a rainy Memorial Day here.  Lucas read to the boys for a long time out of a Calvin and Hobbes book that Levi is quite taken with.
After awhile, Luke announced he was done reading and ready for a break.  The boys were agreeable and then jumped on him and declared, "Wrestle time!!"  I'm pretty sure that wasn't the break Luke was looking for.

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