Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flying High

I've flown many times on my own with the boys but our travels home last Monday left me wanting to say, "Never again!"

It wasn't the boys' fault.  Levi and Milo did wonderfully.  The problem was bad weather and it's subsequent bumpy, diversion-laden, looooooong night.

While we were stuck on the plane on the ground in Colombus, OH (an unexpected stop), I was waiting in a long line for the bathroom with the boys at the front of the airplane.  The pilot came out of the cockpit and noticed them.  Then he invited the boys up to sit in his seat and talk with him and the co-pilot.  Their beaming faces helped me to de-stress.  As both my camera and my phone were halfway back the aircraft at our seats, the flight attendant offered to take a few pictures and send them to me.

Just so you don't miss it: check out Milo's "Thumbs up"

We did make it home safe and sound and our luggage even managed to join us the next day.

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