Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meeting Baby Roebin

The boys and I are in New England for the week visiting family.  The most important family member being the newest one: baby Roebin. We're staying at my parents but the boys and I drove into Boston yesterday. The boys were so proud to get to hold the baby.

Milo was just telling me at length how he was a big boy not a baby like baby Roebin.

We took Roebin on a walk to the park down the street from Lea and Ryan's house.  Instead of the playground equipment, Levi and Milo opted to watch a crew taking some trees down.
Roebin seemed unimpressed.  The noise from the wood chipper didn't seem to disturb his nap.
While the noise didn't bother him, he didn't like it when the stroller stopped moving.  After the crew was done the boys threw things into the water and I paced back and forth keeping Roebin in motion.
Levi proudly pushed the stroller a little ways.
He's such a sweet baby!  I'm very glad to be here.

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