Monday, September 12, 2011

Buffalo Bill Days

This weekend Levi and Milo got to spend some time alone at Gran and Grandpa's house.  On Saturday morning they took the boys into downtown Leavenworth to take part in the community festival called Buffalo Bill Days.  Thank you to them for watching the boys and for sharing these pictures.

I very much enjoyed having some time alone with Lucas but am a little sad that I missed this sight in person: the boys driving a miniature covered wagon pulled by miniature donkeys. 

Apparently Milo wasn't thrilled about sitting up front.  His Grandpa held him and they took their ride in the back.

Let me say it again: MINIATURE DONKEYS PULLING A MINIATURE COVERED WAGON!  That tickles me to no end, for some reason.

I wonder what Milo is thinking here.  Perhaps, "Gran, will you buy me another cookie-on-a-stick??  It's been 5 minutes since my last snack and I'm STARVING." or maybe, "Hmmmm, donkeys that are miniature...I don't get it...sounds like something my Mama would find funny..."

A sack race!

I'm pretty impressed by this.  It's hard to race in a sack.

Levi had no trouble hitting the mallet hard enough to ring the bell.  I think all that hammering he's been doing is paying off.

"Grandpa, straight ahead!  I see kettlecorn!"

just enjoying the ride.

Holding tightly to his prize that Grandpa won for him.

"I don't know who Buffalo Bill is but I sure do enjoy his Days."

More games.

Face painting.  Levi was pretty excited about this.

Milo sat still enough to get his face painted, too.
We came to get the boys as they were getting up from nap time.  The first words out of Levi's mouth were, "Is it time to go back to Buffalo Bill Days?"

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