Monday, September 05, 2011


Levi experimenting on his trike.  Who needs a seat when you've got long legs?

The great room is slowly being cleared out.  There is lots of room to roam now.

The boys use their riding toys, trike, and scooter all over the first floor.  I did make the master bath suite a scooter-free zone as I did not appreicate getting my toes rolled over while brushing my teeth.

Ruby at our new water table.

I also filled up the turtle with water (it was emptied of sand when we moved.)

Hiding in the window seat.

They were all so intent that I couldn't get anyone to actually look at the camera.  While inside the house my kids play with sawdust and nails.  Outside they play with water and landscape rocks.

Luke's soccer season has started up again.  The boys really enjoy going to the games.

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