Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Milo at 18 Months

Look at who is now 18 months old!  Milo had his well-baby check this morning and all is well.   His stats: 34 inches long (91%), 27# 7.5 oz (69%), and 19" head circumference (60%).  Levi's stats at this age were nearly identical (34", 27# 10.5oz, 18.75")

Milo has been feeding himself with utensils and using a regular cup, climbing increasingly taller heights, and has really been enjoying books.  He loves beeing read to and also spends quite a bit of time just looking thru them on his own.  His current favorites were some of the ones Levi loved most, too: Cordoroy's Day, God Made Me, and The Very Busy Spider.

Dr. Hilary is still not concerned with his lack of talking since his hearing is ok, he responds to his name, follows directions, makes eye-contact, and interacts non-verbally.  We'll get him a speech evaluation in a couple of months if he doesn't start talking by then.


Hanging out in the doctor's waiting room. 

They are excited for the lollipops that await if they make good choices during the visit.

Milo seems to have forgotten (for the moment) that sometimes his visits here culminate with some shots.  Thankfully today he only recieved one: the flu vaccine.

Sitting on top of the chairs got boring pretty quickly.

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