Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday- Grandpa Corzine

I have a vague sense that I've used this picture for Flashback Friday before.  Does anybody remember?  My record keeping system for this little endevour has broken down and if I want to get this posted before it has to be called Flashback Saturday I won't have time to look back through old posts.

Anyway- this is a picture of my Grandpa Corzine and me.  It was taken on the front porch of our house in Atlanta.  I think they had come to visit to meet Joel for the first time so I would be about 2.5 years old here. 

We've had a productive evening working on the house.  There are currently two 12 foot scaffolds here.  This weekend's project is putting up a planked ceiling in the great room.  I know I've terribly neglected the sugar sugar house blog but I have plans to rectify that and soon. 

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