Wednesday, September 07, 2011


The weather here has been beautiful.  We spent much of the morning outside enjoying it. 

Levi worked for a long while with his construction equipment.

"Arg.  These branches are tricky."

"Mama, put the camera down and help me!"

Milo venturing closer and closer to Levi's play.  Milo won't stop until he's on top of Levi, grabbing at his toys prompting Levi to shout, "No! No! No, Baby!"

Next we played some soccer.  Milo is a bit fuzzy on the rules.  "Uh- what am I supposed to do now??"

At lightning speed he advances toward the goal.

"It will be easier to score if I pick the ball up.  Have you seen my legs?  They are adorable but not that long."

Milo tries to fool the defense with his signature 'two ball roll' maneuver.

While the goalie is distracted with one ball you throw the other one in.  Or, if you are Milo, you just pick up the other ball and wander over to the driveway.

Playing 'Hockstotch'

Milo is also fuzzy on the concept of Hopscotch/Hockstotch.

Giant Pre-schooler or tiny Hopscotch???  You be the judge.

I. Must. Get. My. Hands. On. Camera.

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Auntie Aundrea said...

I love these boys! The refreshing weather has been such a blessing, huh? Thanks for sharing your outdoor pics of them having fun. Miss you and love you all! Give hugs and kisses!