Monday, September 05, 2011

Double Party

Two special boys we know had a birthday party on Saturday and we were happy to get to celebrate with them. 

You know it's going to be a fun party when there is a lasso involved.

Levi's first experience pinning the tail on anything.

Hanging out with Tim was a highlight for my boys.

Tim seemed to understand Milo's communication system of pointing and grunting.

Levi just roped a steer.

That's Kim on the right, our hostess with the mostess, with her sister.

This is the pictorial definition of 'frolicking'

The kids even got to ride Pete!

Levi, helmet on, ready for his turn around the pasture. Unfortunately just as he got on the horse my battery died and I didn't get any pictures of him and John riding.

Milo saw some of the bigger kids trying to climb the tree and thought he might be able to figure it out.  Also, note all the stickers on his shirt he 'talked' Tim into giving him. 

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