Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter at Gran and Grandpa's

We celebrated a day early with Gran, Grandpa, Grammie, Aundrea, Chuck, and Alison.  The Easter Bunny had made sure we all had baskets filled with treats.

Levi was most interested in his lollipop.  The younger ones really wished they could have one, too.

The temperature got a little chilly so before we went outside for Levi's egg hunt, Gran went and found an old sweatshirt of Luke's.  It was a bit smaller than she remembered it being.  I think Levi tried this one on, too.  Remember this photo?

Levi had so much fun finding his eggs.  He let out a big "Haaah!" whenever he spotted one.

Do you have any eggs in there, Mr. Gnome?

the little bunnies foo foo

He wasted no time getting at the treats contained inside.

Of course Milo had snacktime, too.

The little ones took egg decorating pretty seriously.  They really liked plopping the eggs down into the dye.

Alison's first Easter isgoing to be eggcellent.

This year Levi could maneuver the eggs in and out of the dye all by himself.

He's a pro.

Milo picks up just about anything that resembles a phone in the slightest (here he's holding a kitchen timer),puts it to his ear, and pretends to talk on it.  I promise I don't spend the whole day on my phone!

The little cousins had their own egg hunt inside.

"I found one, Mama!"

"Wha...did you know there were treats inside these eggs????"

I can't think of a caption that's as funny as this picture.

"Do you need to use my 'phone'?"

"Scuse me, make way, coming thru!"

The little cousins egg hunt aftermath: plastic egg shells and crumbs EVERYWHERE

"The Easter Bunny isn't real?  Whatchu talkin' bout,Willis?"
Easter last year  (I feel much more awake this year than I did compared to last)
Easter 2009 (Levi's first egg decorating experience)
Easter 2008

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