Monday, April 18, 2011

Milo, Lately

Milo has started his second year of life with curiosity, intensity, and purpose, as is his style.  He can be a demanding little guy who has no problem making his wishes known.  Loudly.  Milo amazes me every day with the new things he's learning and how much more he can communicate.  My favorite new 'skill' is kiss-giving.  Sometimes he leans in with a wide open mouth but sometimes he does a little smack noise with his lips.

Milo loves exploring and new places and new faces.  He and Levi have recently started playing and interacting more like peers.  It works because Levi caters to his little brother and Milo thinks that he is a 3 year old trapped in a 1 year old's body.

It appears Milo is on the verge of another growth spurt, goodness help us.  Usually an enthusiastic eater, lately he's been ravenous and very vocal about you giving it to him QUICKLY.   The high chair tray must never be empty or heads will roll!  He's been eating large quantities at snack time and at meal time (often finishing Levi's portions for him.)

He enjoys rearranging the canned goods, etc, on our lower kitchen cabinets.  His very favorite, however, is when he can manage to sneak into the refrigerator.  Tonight I grabbed several things from the fridge and brought them over to the counter without shutting the door.  With my arms full and my back turned, Milo sprint-crawled over and managed to grab himself some hot dogs and cheese.  He tryed to gnaw on the hot dogs but they didn't taste very good inside their plastic bag, apparently.  He was successful in getting at the cheese, though.

"Is the coast clear?"

"The hot dogs were a lost cause but I've managed to break into the cheese.  Hooray!"

"No one feeds me around here."

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