Thursday, April 21, 2011

Levi, Lately

It's hard to sum up this age and stage into words- there are so many surprises and I'm fascinated watching all that Levi is learning.  He is in the middle of an explosion in language and imagination.  Levi also asserts his independance in spurts.  Somedays he's as mindful as can be.  Some days, well, some days he is not.

He loves pretending to be an animal.  More often than not, the first words out of his mouth in the morning are, "Mama, I'm a little puppy."  Or a dinasaur, or a jaguar, or a kitty cat.  Yesterday he was pretending to be a kitty cat who was pretending to be a doggy.  I guess kitty cats like to pretend just like little boys do. 
He also loves to wear a cape and be "Super."  Sometimes he is Super Dog.  Sometimes he is Super Boy.  Sometimes he is Super Cat.  I think you get the idea.

Now that spring is here, he spends a lot of time playing outside.  He has gathered my daffodils into a bouquet for me several times.  Luke redirected his energy and now Levi picks dandelions for me instead.  He was so excited to see that the yellow dandelions had turned white!  The other day I looked out at him in the back yard.  He was picking up sticks and grass and bringing it over to the porch where a robin was building a nest.  I saw Levi holding up the sticks as high as he could, standing on tiptoes, trying to give them to the bird. 

He has developed a real interest in the Lord's Prayer and has taken it upon himself to memorize it.  My heart nearly breaks from the sweetness of  hearing him recite it. "And lean us not into temtason but deliber sus from evo..." He says that the Lords Prayer (or 'God's Prayer' as he sometimes calls it) is "not tricky but the Peoples Prayer is tricky."  The 'People's Prayer' is his name for when we pray for our family and friends.  He figured out how to memorize the Lord's Prayer but it's hard to memorize the other since it changes each time we pray.
This week Levi has been obsessed with Christmas songs, for some reason.  We've been singing carols throughout the day and talking about how Jesus came.  It's actually been quite a beautiful preparation for me as we approach Easter Sunday.  Joy to the world, the Lord has come!

Levi has started to spend longer and longer periods looking thru books on his own.  Sunday afternoon I took this shot.  He sat for the longest time looking at the 'Toys r us' advertisement insert from the paper. 

This was taken at Lynn and Marji's on Sunday.  After Levi went up to use the restroom he didn't return for quite some time.  We could hear the upstairs faucet running and running.  Lynn went to check on him and found Levi giving a small plastic toy a shower.  Lynn plugged up the sink and suggested that Levi give his toy a bath instead.  When I went back a little later to check on him, this is what I found.  Levi had gathered up all the bath toys (and other misc. items)  he could find and put them in the 'bath' for his toy to play with.

He said, "This is my Super Hat!  I'm Super Dog and I'm going to rescue the whole world!!"

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