Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter at Uncle Joel and Kiki's

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday.  After church we went over to Joel and Kelly's house for brunch and cousin fun.

Milo got muddy knees crawling around their backyard.

On the hunt for eggs!

Easter 2011 family picture.

can't get enough of these two.

trio of cuteness

Squeeze me!

They are such good buddies.

aww!  I imagine it won't be too many more years where they'll want to give each other big kisses.

Thank you for the Easter clothes, Nana and Papa!

We had some trouble getting Ben to smile.

There it is!

Joel and Kelly are fostering a brand new baby for a short time.  She's just 5 pounds!

Listening to the Easter story.

He adores Ruby.

All the celebrating wore this little guy out.

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