Monday, April 11, 2011

More Tubes

Milo underwent a minor sugical procedure this morning to get tubes put in his ears.  At his follow-up appointment with the ear/nose/throat specialist last week, they discovered that the fluid in his ear drums was still present after 4 months time.  He had a test that showed his hearing was definitely being impacted. 
  Milo was confused and concerned as to why his Mama woke him at 5:40am to head to the surgery center.  Once there, he did well and the procedure took less than 10 minutes.  He cried and thrashed around for awhile while he was coming out of the anesthesia but then has done fine the rest of the day.  The doctor reported that they removed "quite a bit of thick goo."  We could tell right away that he could hear better.  I think it has helped his balance as well.  Today he attempted standing and walking more than he ever has.

He enjoyed meeting all the different nurses and doctors and getting to explore a new place.

"Is there any food in there?  No one fed me this morning!"
 These pictures have nothing to do with Milo's morning.  They are from the hailstorm we had last weekend. 
Wouldja look at that! 

It sounded like a dump truck full of gravel exploded on our street.

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