Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend Edition

LADickson headquarters had itself a good weekend and hope that yours was enjoyable as well.  We got some work done around the house and still managed play-time, rest-time, church-time, and thanks to Uncle Joel's babysitting, date-time.

Friday evening, Milo got his first taste of a milkshake.  He definitely liked it but approached it with his characteristic seriousness.

Trying a different suction technique.

Saturday morning I heard Levi say, "No, Baby!  You're not supposed to climb there!"  This is what I found when I got to the scene.  Of course instead of immediately removing him I went and grabbed my camera.


"What's so funny?"

Park time.

Levi's language use lately has been charming me.  He is using extra phrases and sounds so much more grown up.  I asked him, "Which color marker do you want first?"  He said, "Hmmm, maybe brown.  Wait, red actually."  Then at lunch I asked him, "Would you like milk or juice?"  He said, "Juice would be nice."

Milo has been eating and eating and eating lately. 

Word pronounciations from Levi at 3 years old that I don't want to forget: Backyard = Backy-yard, Volleyball = Bolly bolly, and Hamburger = Hangabur

They share a love of dirt.

Levi takes very seriously the watering and care for the "baby grass" that he helped his Daddy plant.

Milo watched carefully from the stroller as his big brother pedaled on the trike.  After they got back from the walk, Milo made it quite clear that he wanted to ride as well.  Obviously I was holding onto him as I set him on the seat.  He batted at my hand letting me know that he thought he was big enough to sit there himself.

Where's my helmet?

"Let go, Mamma!  You are embarrasing me."

A shot from a friend's booth at 1810 Gallery in the Crossroads District.  We went there for a First Friday event.

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