Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boys, Dirt, and Guns

It's nothing new to ponder the natural affinity boys have for guns.  Despite the fact that Levi has no toy guns nor watches any tv featuring gun play, he is becoming quite interested in the concept.  I remember my brother, at four years old, chomping away at his carrot until it resembled a gun.  He then ran around shooting things with it. 

Since Milo had tubes put in his ears, it's been obvious that his hearing has improved.   He's been more receptive to trying to say words.  The other afternoon while playing outside with his Kiki he said over and over, "Dirt!  Dirt!  Dirt!"

Yesterday morning I was trying repeatedly to coax Milo into repeating some words I was using.  Over and over I said, "Here's your milk.  Milk!  Milk!  Milk!"  or "Let's put on your shoes. Shoes!  Shoes!  Shoes!"  "Say 'hi' to Brother.  Hi!  Hi!  Hi!"  Yes, it was obnoxious.  Milo must have thought so, too, because he ignored my direction.

Shortly after that, I loaded both boys in the car for an errand.  As we drove I realized that Levi had managed to get a hold of the long ice scraper we keep in the car.  He was messing around with it and I heard him say quietly, to himself, "This is my gun now."  Breaking his silence, and as clear as day, Milo loudly repeated, "GUN!"

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